Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Raising money for the Auckland City Mission: Part 2

On 17/10/14 Mina and Aurelia went to the Auckland City Mission to give the money from their singing concert to Alexis.First we got to the reception desk and we said”hello we are looking for Alexis”.We were a little bit early so we had to wait 3 minutes and then Alexis came.Then we gave the money box to Alexis.Then we had a photo.

Alexis showed us around the inside.She introduced some people to us.We saw all the clothes and food we even saw the first aid room and the sculptures they made.Then we went to Alexis's building and she showed us the shop that had all the clothes and shoes so that the people in poverty can have those clothes and shoes.Alexis also showed us the toys.Every Christmas they have a party and they give lunch and presents to everyone that comes.

By: Mina and Aurelia

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