Saturday, 30 May 2015

Scared in a Pure Dark Place - Laser Strike

I'm waiting for someone to shoot me in a pure dark place.

I'm feeling so much fear that someone or something is there, I can't see anything but dark, I felt really scared that I was flowing with fear.

I shout out their name " Jayden (Cousin), Bob (Uncle)"still silence but then I felt that someone was about to shoot me so I get to cover as quiet as I can like i'm playing hide and seek, I'm the hider and their the seeker, I thought they will follow the sound that I made but they didn't, at the same time I feel really scared that someone's going to shoot me.

I'm waiting for someone to find me but nothing, i'm trying to find the cover where they usually come through finally I found it I run over their quietly I peek over both sides first the right and then the left I found Jayden on the left.

I felt so relieved and I didn't feel anymore fear.    
The End

By: Jahvan N

information Report about Lorde By Riley

WALHT: to write an information report about an successful person
What is an information Report ? An information Report is when you choose a person or thing, and write facts about it.
First you say what the person has been successful at
Secondly you say facts about the person and explain why it helped them to reach success
Then you give your final comment (conclusion) - says what has happened because of the process of their success

This is my information Report about lord
      Enjoy !!

Lorde is a famous singer,
to reach success of being a singer she had to have the         
skill,she had to use strategies to help her in  
beginning singing and her correr.
Before she became a singer her mum influenced her
lyrical style by always, buying her books.

And at the age  
five she joined a drama group and developed public  

her mother encouraged her to read books,she  
also hired a local coach in 2011 and the coaches name was,
Frances Dickinson, she had vocal singing lessons with him.

In may 2009 Lorde and her friend Louise McDonald  won
The, Belmont intermediate school talent show as a due.  

Because of all the hard work and success she went
through when she was 14 she became a good and
fabulous singer!!!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

My Dad by Xzavier

my dad is successful at swimming and pushups.
and he is fun to sit with and he is determined.
sometimes he is silly but I still like the way he is.
the end
by xzavier .

Ronaldo is successful at soccer by Loeki

Ronaldo is the world's greatest soccer player he has got mad skills.He always takes the penalties and always scores, great passes to his team  mates.The guys jump on ronaldo when he shoots a goal.Ronaldo is my favorite soccer player cause he is the best and his hairstyle is cool too.
By Loeki

Lorde by Isabella P

Aaron Smith by Charlie S

My Mum: by taylor

My Mum is my favorite. Her favorite animal is a zebra it is black and white i like them to. Her favorite colour is purple it is mine to. My Mum 31 years old. I love my  Mum. My Mum is very talented she has lots of things to do. My Mum is cool and fun. My Mum is successful at her job so that is how my Mum is successful.

the end

Ronaldo is successful by Michael

Ronaldo is successful at scoring a goal.
His talent is playing soccer and his T-shirt number is 7 and he plays for the loins he also helps hes teammates by incaraging them. To score a goal he is a helpfull person to his teammates by pasing to them when they say Ronaldo. He also is successful at helping his team when they are not feeling good. He is also successful at playing hockey when it was Ronaldo's first time of playing hockey time it was very fast starting he kept on playing and playing until he got it right.

Kate by Oliver

kate is so successful because she dase netball and she had to practise before she can go to netball and she doesn't get tired. kate is verey verey fit she is so good at sports kate is a very nice person.  

Notch by Eric

Notch is a video game Maker he has made Minecraft. He has a team of people called  Mojang he is successful. He is the boss of his team. They made pc Minecraft Xbox  one Minecraft and Xbox 360 Minecraft. He has a  Minecraft shop. He plays Minecraft. He always play Minecraft. Pe Minecraft is Easier to use and that's why notch is successful at his work.

Notch by Dan

Notch was  successful at programming. He was good at programming because he praised programming at home and school so he can make awesome games like minecraft. One of the most best and famous games was made by Notch.He was one of the most amazing programmers in the world! He started from good to great. So he made games and practiced them to see if they are good or not. He wanted lots of people to like the game so he made it as cool as he could so he made portals to the nether and the end portals and lots of bosses like the wither and ender dragon so when someone played his games they would like it. He was very determined and he put lots of hard work in his games and made famous games like minecraft. In his games he made lots of stuff in minecraft like mobs he made it so you can play it on computer,iPod,iPad,iPhone,Xbox,phone,tablet and play station. We can play without intent and he made crafty Steve he is great at programming in minecraft he put in stuff that is real and not real stuff so people can learn new stuff like red stone and made up stuff but already have a name like skeletons and creepers. Creepers were meant to be pigs but it didn't come out right so he made it a creeper then he made a pig. He made it because it was a mistake with the pig then he practiced some more and then made it.And that how he became successful.

notch by Thomas


Notch was successful at making video games. He had to be determined at programing the games. He had to go to a school to learn how to program and at home. He had to start at making simple games and start going to hard games. Then he made a awesome game it was minecraft. He wanted lots of people to like it so, he put lots of cool stuff in it like portals, that go to the nether and end. When you go to the end you fight the ender dragon and you don`t go back into you kill the ender dragon.
He put lots real thing from our world and not real things like redstone so people would learn how to do new things. He put mods like slimes,skeletons,zombies, creepers,endermen,witches,blazes,wither skeletons,silverfish and ender dragon. He also put animals from our world like pigs,cows,chickens,sheep and bats.
When he he had finished he put it on Xbox360, ipad/ipod/iphone, computer and playstation so you can play on every device. Then he shared it to the world and lots of people liked it. Some people made videos of minecraft to show people minecraft. That is how notch came successful.

On Elise first day of Kindy by Scarlett

On Elise  first  day of kindy she was scared. But I said be brave so she Beed brave. When Elise was at kindy she made same friends. There are Ellie and Bella. After she want to kindy I said did you be successful and she said i did. The Next day She said I am happy to go to kindy. so Elise went to kindy happylly. When Elise was at kindy she made more Friends her new friends are Oliver and Isabella now she haves 4 friends then Elise was back home again. 
by Scarlett.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My Mum is successful By: Ayami

My Mum is successful

My Mum is successful because she can plait a braid. She likes plaiting other people`s hair!!! Her talents is from her grandma. Also she knows more hair styles and she talks to people, if they like it or not. Sometimes people says it is funky, amazing, preposterous, awesome!! That's how my mum Miki became successful!

My Grandad Antony by Josh C

My Grandad Antony
My grandad is successful at his job .He works at the council. My grandad wears a shirt and long pants. My grandad is very nice. To get good at his job he had to learn what he had to do to get good at his job. He takes my uncle, my sister and me places. He leaves for work very early. One of the things he is good at is being kind. I love my grandad so much!!!!
By Josh.C  

Aaron Smith by Charlie S

Aaron Smith plays rugby, he is a halfback. He is maori. He plays for the Highlanders and the All Blacks. Since 2012, he has scored 57 test points and has 38 All black caps. He is a successful player because he makes strong tackles. Aaron Smith would have had to practice a lot to play in a team that represents his country. I think for Aaron Smith to become a successful rugby player, he must have been very determined to reach his goal.

Maree by Kyan

In July 2014 Maree started practising for the half marathon. For the week she ran by her self, it took about 30m. In a few weeks  Maree ran with Jody. In the weekends when she was not  running with Jody she ran with me. I was on my bike. I noticed that we were going longer than normal. Even on holidays Maree ran! On March the 7th  it was the half marathon and it was the 5th of March now. So we checked were to park.Then it was the half marathon. Maree did it in 2 hours. She felt awesome and she might do it again.

Katy Perry by Lily R

                  Katy Perry
Katy perry is a successful singer and songwriter. She started singing when she was 9 years old. Katy Perry is extremely bold and always tried to be herself. She got shot down many times and her first 3 records failed but she was very determined to be successful. Katy Perry uses her creativity to write songs. She also wrote songs for other pop stars like Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale and even Kelly Clarkson.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 at 10.41.43 AM.png

Information report by Bella P

WALHT: write an information report about someone or something successful

What is an information report?: An information report is a report with facts about someone or something. An information report  has a specific order:
First you say what the person has been successful at
Seconly you say facts about the person and explain why it helped them to reach success
Then you give your final comment (conclusion) - says what has happened because of the process of their success

Here is my information report about Lorde!


At just 18, Lorde has been successful in singing and she is now famous.
She reached this by using lots of skills and strategies.

This famous musician was born on November 7 in 1996 and at the age of five, she joined a drama group and developed public speaking skills. She would have needed to have those lessons first to get into the habit of drama and speech so she would feel more confident on stage.

In May 2009, Lorde and her friend Louis McDonald won the Belmont Intermediate School  talent show as a duo, This means she has become a good singer but still may need a little more practise

Then, in 2011, a company hired vocal coach Frances Dickinson to give Lorde singing lessons twice a week for a year. She also would need these lessons to learn how to sing properly not scratchy (also because I would think that if I wanted to be a good singer, I would want those lessons.) By the time her 18th birthday came she had made around $11 million dollars. This is a BIG mark of success. Then not long after that, she did her first soundtrack for Mockingjay.

If I was Lorde, I would feel so impressed with myself!
Because of her success, her singing dream is a success!

My Mum By Ben

My Mum is good at making hair spray. She is also good at making juice and other stuff and she had to have a lot of practice. Now She is successful at them and now she is very successful at it and now she is successful at other stuff.

Miss Martin by Jake

The tooth fairy by Anna

The tooth fairy brings the tooth in the fairy bag. She brings the fairy dust when she goes  back. She gets the tooth at night. Then she brings the money at night. She is successful to bring

By Anna

The easter bunny By Siena

The Easter bunny.
The Easter bunny gives easter eggs to the kids around the world.  Every easter day the easter bunny  comes to hide some easter eggs. The bunny  is so cute. The easter bunny  is such a  successful bunny.

By Siena  

The tooth fairy by Beatrice

The tooth fairy is a successful fairy that gets teeth from people. It is cool that there is a tooth fairy. Tooth fairys are good because she Gets teeth from people. After they get the teeth there is a new tooth. The tooth fairy said I like getting teeth. I like the tooth fairy please teeth can you come out. The tooth fairy is really tiny. She likes getting more and more teeth. See writes notes to people. It says I hope you clean your teeth very well. The tooth fairy likes teeth. She likes teeth because she picks the teeth from under the pillow. She is successful. By Beatrice

The tooth fairy by Georgia

The tooth fairy  
The tooth fairy has fairy dust . She does like the tooth and puts  it in her cupboard .The tooth fairy comes. She leaves  money and a treat. She is so nice to us. She gets the tooth.and after all of that she gets really tied. Because she is so successful . And that's why she is so successful.

By Georgia  

Monday, 25 May 2015

Lionel Messi by Harry H

We have been recording our writing to help us check our punctuation and ideas are in the correct sequence.

Cultural Mufti Day

On Friday we had a cultural mufti day at Stonefields School. It was super fun dressing up in special outfits that represent us and where we are from.

Friday, 22 May 2015

laser tag by Mikayla

on Wednesday  i had a play date with Ava we went to laser tag to play some games when we got there. there was a game on all ready it was laser tag so we played mini golf first then we played laser tag two times then two times next we went home and had skittles in the car and chips. then they dropped me off at my home i was excited playing the games. i had lots of fun.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

my first time at swimming lessons

my first time at swimming lessons
i got in the water it was warm i felt excited. then the teacher got some kick boards then  we started kicking. and she said keep kicking. then we did some kicking on our back's. after we did some kicking it was time to get out. and a few weeks later after swimming lessons i got in the little pool. and i went under water. i was so proud. the end by Nathan.

My first time learning English

My first time doing English  
"I remember my first time learning English. My first time speaking English, I was a little scared because my mum wasn't here with me. I was a little nervous is well. A bit later, I felt ok, because I started to know what I was saying. I had to do spelling. Spelling was a bit hard. At the end writing. Writing was much more hard than spelling. Finally I went out of the learning pit. I felt awesome because I learned how to speak English and spell it and write it!!!

swimming by Josh C


The last time I went swimming I swam without anyone helping  me. The first thing I had to do was practice kicking and floating. Next I tried to swim by paddling .And I almost swam!  At last I swam, I was so happy that I swam, moving my arms and legs together.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BY Josh.C

swiming by Michael H


When I was four I was very bad at swimming  so my mum took me swimming. When  I got in the pool I tried  to swim but I got it wrong
I tried again and a again and again but I never got it right. Me and my mum got something to eat I had to wait for 1 hour. after 1 hour
I went back to the pool and I tried then I felt excited because I had it a little bit then I tried again then I finally had it. by Michael         


Re: writing!!!!!!!!!!


On the 1st of 2015  I was not so good at writing because I had not so good spelling  and I had not so good liter formation. So I worked on it. First I did little pieces  of writing. It was hard. in a few weeks I got spelling words. After school I had a timer on for 30m how  much writing I could do  it was stressful. I did it as fast as I could. I was happy because I did better than I was the first time.  I improved but I still had a lot to go. In a few weeks  I did  bigger pieces of writing. It was hard to do more pieces of writing. " Mummy  this is  hard." " Ok I will help you." "Ok." One week later. I got there!! I felt Awesome!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Learning how to rock climb by Ben F

Learning to rockclimb by Isabelle

Learning to rock climb

I was half way up to the top, but then I looked down at the floor and was terrified of the height.  I looked up and saw how close I was to finishing. Then I was concentrating on the finish and I started to carry on. I got to a hard bit the rock was farther away and I couldn't go to any other rock they were all pretty far away so I had to stretch myself to reach the rock.I finally got hold of the rock I held on tightly so I didn't fall of. next I looked around at the other rocks to see which one was going to be the best.I chose quickly and hurried along.I was so close to finishing when I had a problem the rock was to high I was stretching and stretching I was feeling like I was about  let go of the rock that I was holding on to when finally I got hold of the rock I held on tightly and touched the roof very softly.I felt so happy because it was my first time doing it in the adult area and I succeeded .I lent back and mum let me down it was so nice having a rest.I touched the floor and stood up.mum gave me a high five and said " well done". My dad also gave me a high five and he said" you were amazing. I told my mum I wanted to do another one. I was so happy.


Monday, 18 May 2015

Learning to swim by Dan V

learning to swim
I went to swimming with my Brother,Sister,Mum and Dad in the weekends.First I went into the water with my Dad my Dad held on to me I was excited. Then I went underwater and  touched the bottom of the pool.I went there because I wanted to swim. The pool was not that deep.I was four years old. I started to kick. The pool at swimtastic then my Dad and I kicked to the end of the pool. My Dad let go of me and I kicked but didn't swim to the end of the pool.

Achiving a back flip on my trampoline by Harry H

When I became a ninja by Henry W

When I was becoming a ninja this is what happened. The first day a we began to set achievements. The first achievement was to be quiet we did that in the library. Then when we finished it we moved on to the next one. The next one was to travel by shadow we did that by stand in a shadow. Then I realized I had became more sensitive, I now had stronger senses.

Then we made some ninja skills up like the shoulder slam and the battle roll. I practiced the shoulder slam by slamming in to my trampoline at home I practiced the battle role by rolling on my grass at home. Then we practiced karate. I felt like I was getting better.

Finally me and Thomas went on on a play date and we spied on our mum's. we spied on them for one hour and a half. We climbed we set up warning signals we set up traps we were quiet and we blended in. I felt happy because I achieved what I wanted to do.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 at 9.55.08 AM.png

Biking without traing wheels by Riley B

Biking without training wheels
I had this moment of a time where I could Remember when I was biking for the first time without training wheels……
I remember that I was  standing next to the bike and I was watching my dad taking off my training wheels, At first I was excited to hop on my bike  with no training wheels then when I hopped on to the bike  with  dad holding onto the handle of my bike, suddenly I thought about riding my bike without training wheels then I knew I couldn't do it so I hopped off terrified. My dad said what's wrong I said: I don't want to do it I am too scared, so my dad said : hop on and i will hold on to your bike and you can push the pedals,so we did that . Then dad started to let go of  the bike handle and I screamed and yelled then fall but i got back up again because i knew i shouldn't give up and this time i said to dad.    Then i  told dad to let go and stand back so he did  I got on my bike and i rode it, I  could do it I felt excited / wonderful, I couldn't believe my eyes. I could then always do it and I would never fail again.   ( I had to go through this for a few days to get this Right )
            By Riley B

Making waffles by charlie s

First i learned how to make the Mixture from the recipe.

Then i got the Ingredients and made the mixture and put it In my waffle maker.

Sound when i put the mixture in and closed the lid and it made a sizzling Sound.

Finally i took it out and put maple syrup and eat it.

swimming by Carrey Li

When i was in the  swimming class. I was waiting for my teacher to tell me to go into the pool and it was late and I was in my house and my mum say go go go
and I was in the swimming class and i say it was a dream l say ha and it was 3:59
and l was sleeping.

I was gut to go into the pool and I was scary and my mum say go go go

and I just get into the pool and it was so fun and they told me how to swim.
first we have a back kick and next i was kicking and i know how to swimming  and  we have a rays and i was scary and i have been whenning  and i have been got a sticker

that 's why i am good so that why i am good at swimming.

Riding my big bike by Charlie H

The first thing I had to do when I was  riding my new bike was sit on the seat . Then I had to  grip the handlebar so I would stay on the bike . I could see my mum was holding me and I was feeling  a little nervous but I still feel confident because people are smiling and saying you can do it. I didint feel like I was ready at first but then I ganed cofodince.It felt werd riding on a big bike. It was frustrating at first because I keep falling off. my mum had let go by now and so I was now pedaling off up and down the driveway. YAY I can do it

My first big ride by Bella P

My dad brought out the big bike and i'm talking BIG!
I walked over to the bike and asked my dad a few questions and surprisingly the man who does not normally know the answers to my questions answered with good not weird answers (like he normally does!)
First I sat on the bike to get use to how it feels then I got a little butterfly in my stomach when I started peddling on the spot to get use to peddling! Next I rode the bike slowly with my dad holding on to me and the bike, Dad said to me 'I won't let you go until you are ready!'  That's the point of the story my brother comes in! He was playing on his  bike while I was trying to get use to riding my bike! Talk about annoying brothers! I slowed down because I was getting a waterfall of anxiety and that's the point I felt a lot better because it sounded like it was singing a song to me because the beads on the wheel  where moving around and making jingling sounds! Then I took a deep breath and asked dad to let go, just then I changed my mind and screamed 'DAD DON'T LET GO!' Then I decided for real this time that I will try to do it myself, I sat up straight, feet on the pedals,peddled, and finally after a lot of drama, I got it! yes that's right I had been successful!
I felt so good I just wanted to hug the universe and I felt so good that I even set up and obstacle course!

That was the day I learnt how to ride my big bike

and i'm talking BIG!

stopping my ears from popping - Mina

Stopping My Ears From Popping

I was on the airplane and there was an amazing view. There were hills and farms and houses. I was doing some coloring until my ears started hurt and to pop! My Mum told me some strategies that I could use. There were 3 things she thought of: Holding my nose and making a chipmunk face, not to think about my ears ( That worked the best). Finally the last one is swallowing the leftover spit in my mouth. That worked a little bit but not a lot. My ears sounded like they were about to erupt. I wrote down those ideas in one of my books that I had in my suitcase. Then I chose carefully to which strategy I should use first. I chose holding onto my nose and making a chipmunk face. But that didn't really work. After that strategy I chose a different one because it didn't really work. So I tried swallowing the spit in my mouth. That worked a little bit but not that much. Soon enough I had 1 more strategy and I hoped it better work. It was not to think about my ears. Finally I got the perfect idea that I had to do! Later on we were still on the plane and my ears started to pop. Soon enough I started to panic and I thought what should I do? I remembered the idea's I had in my mind. I used the BEST one ( not to think about my ears ). Then I did what I had to. I waited a little bit and then suddenly it worked. Finally my fears of my ears popping were over. It was a remarkable relief!
The End!