Monday, 18 May 2015

Biking without traing wheels by Riley B

Biking without training wheels
I had this moment of a time where I could Remember when I was biking for the first time without training wheels……
I remember that I was  standing next to the bike and I was watching my dad taking off my training wheels, At first I was excited to hop on my bike  with no training wheels then when I hopped on to the bike  with  dad holding onto the handle of my bike, suddenly I thought about riding my bike without training wheels then I knew I couldn't do it so I hopped off terrified. My dad said what's wrong I said: I don't want to do it I am too scared, so my dad said : hop on and i will hold on to your bike and you can push the pedals,so we did that . Then dad started to let go of  the bike handle and I screamed and yelled then fall but i got back up again because i knew i shouldn't give up and this time i said to dad.    Then i  told dad to let go and stand back so he did  I got on my bike and i rode it, I  could do it I felt excited / wonderful, I couldn't believe my eyes. I could then always do it and I would never fail again.   ( I had to go through this for a few days to get this Right )
            By Riley B


  1. kia ora riley,
    I like how you used all those feeling like terrified and Excited.i also like how you used your punctuation well.
    well done amazing writing I love it!


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