Saturday, 30 May 2015

information Report about Lorde By Riley

WALHT: to write an information report about an successful person
What is an information Report ? An information Report is when you choose a person or thing, and write facts about it.
First you say what the person has been successful at
Secondly you say facts about the person and explain why it helped them to reach success
Then you give your final comment (conclusion) - says what has happened because of the process of their success

This is my information Report about lord
      Enjoy !!

Lorde is a famous singer,
to reach success of being a singer she had to have the         
skill,she had to use strategies to help her in  
beginning singing and her correr.
Before she became a singer her mum influenced her
lyrical style by always, buying her books.

And at the age  
five she joined a drama group and developed public  

her mother encouraged her to read books,she  
also hired a local coach in 2011 and the coaches name was,
Frances Dickinson, she had vocal singing lessons with him.

In may 2009 Lorde and her friend Louise McDonald  won
The, Belmont intermediate school talent show as a due.  

Because of all the hard work and success she went
through when she was 14 she became a good and
fabulous singer!!!

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