Tuesday, 5 May 2015

the steep hill George S

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When will I get to the top of this steep hill? I hate going up steep hills it always hurts my legs so badly.  I kept slipping behind. I wanted Dad to wait for me. I asked  Dad can I hold your hand so I don't fall behind. We got to the look out but there was still a bit to go.  I said Oscar isn't this steep we will not catch up to Addison for a while.  when I looked around I saw silver ferns and trees my dad said if it is a silver fern it will have silva on the bottom.  when I looked down I saw heaps of leaves then I noticed it was a bit slippery and bumpy to walk on.  after a while I started to feel tired and slow down the more I walked.  then it started to get colder and colder because the trees were blocking the sun out.

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