Monday, 18 May 2015

My first big ride by Bella P

My dad brought out the big bike and i'm talking BIG!
I walked over to the bike and asked my dad a few questions and surprisingly the man who does not normally know the answers to my questions answered with good not weird answers (like he normally does!)
First I sat on the bike to get use to how it feels then I got a little butterfly in my stomach when I started peddling on the spot to get use to peddling! Next I rode the bike slowly with my dad holding on to me and the bike, Dad said to me 'I won't let you go until you are ready!'  That's the point of the story my brother comes in! He was playing on his  bike while I was trying to get use to riding my bike! Talk about annoying brothers! I slowed down because I was getting a waterfall of anxiety and that's the point I felt a lot better because it sounded like it was singing a song to me because the beads on the wheel  where moving around and making jingling sounds! Then I took a deep breath and asked dad to let go, just then I changed my mind and screamed 'DAD DON'T LET GO!' Then I decided for real this time that I will try to do it myself, I sat up straight, feet on the pedals,peddled, and finally after a lot of drama, I got it! yes that's right I had been successful!
I felt so good I just wanted to hug the universe and I felt so good that I even set up and obstacle course!

That was the day I learnt how to ride my big bike

and i'm talking BIG!

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  1. Caron (Bella's Mum)21 May 2015 at 20:54

    Wow, Bella! What a great description of your first time riding your BIG bike.

    I love how you described the feelings you were experiencing and how you managed to slow yourself down and listen to the sounds around you to calm yourself. That is just fantastic, and so well written!

    You were really determined and then successful as a result of that determination and taking a risk. I am so proud of you, my gorgeous girl!

    I love reading all your articles about your successes, keep up the determination and the writing. Love you, Mum xox


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