Friday, 25 September 2015

LH8 blog profiles!

We are learning to create a positive digital footprint.

This term we each made decisions about what personal information we will share online with others and what personal information we will keep private. We wrote a profile about ourselves and drew a picture or took a photo of ourselves to apply our understandings.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog profiles.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The school holidays By Beatrice

We have been learning about narratives. A narrative is a made up story. This week we made up stories to answer this question: 
If you could go anywhere in the holidays where would you go?

I am at Tokyo Disneyland with my friend Miko. We are going on the rollercoster in Westernland right now. We thought it was scary. But our mum and dad thought it was not scary and it was fun. Then after that we did the splash mountain ride, it was scary and fun. After that we had something to eat. After that we got some ice cream and chocolate popcorn it was yum. Then we saw the disney character on their carriages. It got dark and we saw the night time parade it was fun.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Re: Tony Stark by kyan

Tony Stark is an actor, known as famous for being Iron man. Tony likes robots he  wanted to make robotic armor. When he was able to he was sketching it out. He thought about the movies he watched and all the things he researched about. When he finished he started getting the pieces he needed, like iron for the robotic suit. When he was finished making the robotic armour he tried it and it didn't work. So he thought about his other hobby, movie making and he combined them together and he made an Iron man movie. That is how he was successful.That is how The Avengers was successful!!!!!!!!!!

Super Joy and Sadness by Nathan

Super Joy and Sadness
Sadness lets go and play. Okay Joy but I will just walk slow because I'm so sad. Okay Sadness look what I found Sadness. What did you find I found Superman's cape. Wow let go and return it to him. Okay Sadness lets go. Here we are at the Avengers Headquarters. Lets go to Superman's room to give him back his cape. Yay we found his room now lets open the door. Yay here is Superman we found your cape in our garden superman. Thank you Joy and Sadness. Anytime Superman. Okay time for me to get back to work. Bye Superman bye Joy and Sadness. The End.

My Nogard by Beatrice

I chose purple and red for my nogard because they are my favourite colours. 

I hope you enjoy reading my writing. 

Taniwha By Harry H

The Horror House by Xzavier

Once there was a monster and a nogard and they were friends. One day Iceman and Fireman had a fight. The Fireman had the shutting gun and Iceman had a shutting gun too. One day there
was a horror house and iceman went in it. Boom! Crash! "What was that?" said Fireman
to himself. He went into the house. "Ahahahahah" yelled Iceman. When Fireman went into that room there was blood
everywhere."Hahahahahahahahah" laughed a monster. "What is that sound?" said Fireman. "It's a...a monster!" said Fireman and he ran and ran until the monster zoomed into the sky. The Fireman was happy. He lived happily ever after.

Nogard by Flynn

One day Frank the alligator nogard was breaking a castle when a dragon came along. He said "You're small." "Why" I asked. "Because I'm a brut." "Alright let's fight." In the morning, I found out that I was late. When I got there he was nowhere to be seen. But suddenly a comet came to earth but a dragon came and pushed it out of the way. Then BANG! "Who are you?" "I'm a nice  dragon." "Where is the bad dragon?" "He got summoned.""Let's be friends" said the nice dragon. They lived happily ever after.

Monster School by Dan V

Once there was a little monster as scary as an adult monster.  The little monster made a monster school for adults. He helped monsters to be scary. He taught them until they were scary enough to scare the people. When all of the adult monsters were good he let them free to scare people. When the little monster was an adult he turned to a beast. He eats monsters for diner. He eats one hundred zombies and people for lunch. He has super thick skin that only one thing can break it. A hundred years later he went to battle and he fought the army. When he went to battle he figured out his weakness that they used on his farther. It was that he didn't survive from the nuclear bombs. He needed more power. When he returned, the people found out his weakness. Then he went to battle and died. The people were happy and could destroy the rest of the monsters with the nuclear bombs. Then when they did it they were all happy and didn't have to worry.


Thursday, 17 September 2015

Cool Monster by Loeki

My monster is half human and half bull. His name is the Minotaur. He has horns, his horns are white and he has brown skin with lots of abs. His eyes are blue and he has a belt around his waist. He lives in a cool cave with his mum, brother, dad
and a pet named Jr. My Minotaur is 15 years old his brother is 12 years old. His mum is 46 and his dad is 48 and Jr is 10. There was only one enemy named Moondark. Moondark had a plan to capture Minotaur because he wanted to kill Minotaur. But then Minotaur went outside and saw Moondark and they fought. Moondark was still strong but Minotaur was stronger. Minotaur won and Moondark never came back.

Dragon by Hunter Dodd

My dragon lived up in a broken down castle. He had sharp fangs and he had fierce eyes. Some of my dragons most favourite foods are fish, ice cream, marshmallows and white chocolate. His most favourite food is McDonald's and his second most bestest food is Burger King and his third most favourite food is Wendy's. He also has sharp wings and he has sharp slicing hooks on top of his sharp wings. My dragon has steps on his wings so I can climb up on his back. He has demon tails and he has sharp claws on his feet and he has spikes covering his whole entire back. Also he has a demon tongue and he likes taking me for ride through the clouds. He also likes camping with me inside the house at night time.

Mystery By Ayami

The mystery nogard is a half dragon, half lizard and half dinosaur. One day the mystery nogard was going for a walk through the forest. But then the mystery nogard was very hungry. So she thought "I can hunt for animals that I like". When the mystery nogard started to walk, she remembered that all the animals she likes to eat are her friends. "WAA" she started to cry. Then, right in front of her was a basket full of berries that she likes to eat, like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and all kinds of berries. She stopped crying and ate all the berries. After she started to go back to her house. But she couldn't because she lost her memory to her home. After that she asked other animals if they know the way to her house. Spider didn't know, frog didn't know, but lizard knew so the lizard told where to go.

By Ayami

Crown by Vincent

Once upon a time there was a boy and a monster who lived in a gold castle. It is in a snowy mountain.There was ten bad guys.
The boy and the monster got golden swords to fight.They got the crown!!! the end

Cat and Man By Simone C

Penguin and the Bad Situation by Ana L

Penguin and the bad situation
One day Penguin heard the telephone. Penguin picked up the phone and said "Hello".  "Hello penguin" said the man on the phone "I'm offering you a job at the Ice Cream factory". "Yes yes" said penguin in excitement. "Start tomorrow" said the man. Penguin was so excited that he could not stop jumping.It was finally bed time and Penguin went to sleep with excitement .Then the next day Penguin jumped out of bed and got ready and went to his car and drove off.He was running out gas for his car.Penguin was so sad because his car ran out of gas.He was thinking for a minute. "I've got it" said penguin in happiness. Penguin asked everyone around, saying "do you know where the Ice cream factory is?" but no one knew where the factory was, so he walked home and Penguin said to himself sadly "I've failed". But when he looked up he saw the factory was the other way.Penguin ran to the factory and had his interview. Then he got the job and came home happily.

The Gruffalo by Mikayla T

 This week we read books about gruffalo and where they live and smell and felt like. My gruffalo is a girl. She looks like a pretty princess. She wears glittery high heels and a sparkly princess dress with diamonds and emeralds! she wears make up too.  She smells like lolys. She is bigger than the whole stonefields school but smaller than the sky. She is fit and skinny because she loves exercising, especially cross country. And she has a medium nose and. And she is healthy.  And eats fruit. Her favorite  food is frit.  she likes only the hot pools because the cold pools are freezing but only the hot pools at home because it is private but with bubbles in the pool.

Nogard by jimmy F

by Jimmy F

Once upon time a Nogard lived in a cave. The Nogard wanted to go for a walk in the forest. When he came back water was coming down through the rocks that were blocking his cave. 
The Nogard was scared of water he stayed awake the whole night.  In the morning he went up to fix the leak and the water stopped. He lived happily ever after.

Owls forest home By Jade

Once upon a time lived an Owl in a beautiful forest. One of his homes in the forest was a big oak tree behind a glorious waterfall with friendly dolphins swimming with their families in front of the waterfall.

One day Owl went hunting for worms and mice, but then some hunters came for animals. Owl was terrified, he flew as fast as he could to his waterfall home. The hunters couldn't find any animals to eat so they put  spray glue on the floor. Spray glue was a tool that the hunters used to freeze everything. It was spreading all over the forest and making it stay there all grey to make the forest rot. If it came near owl's dolphin friends and his waterfall home him and everyone in the forest would be eaten up. Then the hunters would get a hammer and knock the trees down then boil the animals so they can eat the animals in the trees as well. Owl had to do something. In a while he had and idea. He thought that he could send a letter to his parents so they could help him. He got a feather, ink and paper. And the letter said…

Dear mum and dad,
Help! I am being attacked
from hunters! They have
spray glue and they have
already started to rotten
my beautiful forest
home!   Come quick!
Your dearest Owl

Before the hunters came to the house where Owl lived. There in the spotlight came…
His parents! They had com to help their son. They brought a human friend that they knew when they were kids. The human friend brought with him a freezer gun so they could unfreeze things from the rotten forest.
They started where the hunters started putting rot. Then they went everywhere around the forest. After that the hunters had already rottened Owls home but then they unfreezed it again and the hunters didn't find any animals so they went back home. Then the Owl his parents and the human friend had a nice cold glass of water and lived happily ever after.

Screenshot 2015-09-16 at 12.44.04 PM.pngScreenshot 2015-09-16 at 12.46.05 PM.png

Lost Island By Rhys S

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Nogard By Lily.H

This is a nogard  which is half dragon, half elopement and half fairy. My nogard has spikes on its back and its tail. The nogard has bright blue scales on its body. The nogard is as fluffy as a poodle dog. Nogards poop behind rocks that are big and tall. It turns deep purple in winter, light green in summer and in autumn it turns light light red. It is kinda like white and is very bright. Nogards are as big as the hub. A nogard is an animal. A nogard is a dragon. One day the nogard was really hungry so she went to candy county but there was a sign that said 'No one eat candy here'. So she went to a forest full of cupcakes and went back home. The end.

The Art Gallery Trip by Josh C

On Wednesday we went on a trip to the art gallery. To get to the gallery we had to go on a bus. When we got to the art gallery we had to get into groups. I was in the same group as my friend George. We got to make art with dye. Next we had morning tea. After morning tea we had a tour of the gallery. We got to do so more fun art. One of the artworks we focused on was a painting of a family in the garden. Then we had lunch. After lunch we got to play in the park. Then the bus came to take us back to school. Then we got to write a refection. I had fun at the art gallery. 

My Nodard By Josh C

My nogard is an evil space villain. One day he got aboard a star ship just before it blasted off because he hit the launch button! As soon as he rised he heard a siren behind him! 50 minutes later he was in an intergalactic prison! He was so angry he had smoke coming out of his head! The space guards just left him. The nogard made a plan to escape from pison. So at might night he got out of prison and into one of the star ships to escape  He got back to earth and lived happily ever after.

By Josh C  

The Monster Mall By Nathan

One day I saw a sad looking monster on the street. He said to me "I don't have anywhere to live" and I said to him "Do the other monsters have a place to live?". He said "no" so I said "We will build a monster mall for all of you so you can sleep in it and go shopping all day". "The best part is you don't have to use money anywhere in the monster mall". "Okay that sounds great". "Okay let's build it but first I'm going to ask the builders to help us build it". Then 1 month later the monster mall was finished. "Thanks to you now the monsters have a home and you made me be be a happy monster". "You're welcome come and visit us soon". "I will see you soon". "Ok bye".

Monster School by Thomas

Once upon a time there was a little monster. He was good at scaring people. So he started a monster school because he was the scariest monster in the world. Lots of adult monsters came and lots of little monsters came because they wanted to be scary. One day there was a war. So the little scary monster said to everyone in the monster school to join the war to fight so they joined the war. The little scary monster scared some of the people who wanted the monster land. Then some other monsters scared other people away until the war had ended. So the monsters went to the king of monsters and they all got trophies.

The Mystery of the Nogard by Taylor W

Once upon a time there was an animal it was not a giraffe it was not an elephant it was a nogard. "There is a nogard. Everyone get out of the village you do not know if he is nice or if he is mean." He might be half dragon or half dinosaur. He can be a dragon or dinosaur you will never know. I hope it is friendly. All these species are rare you can only see them every 100 years.

Nogard by kyan

My nogard is a dragon. One day the nogard was bored of his planet, so he went down to earth. First he scared a little girl and she ran away and called one one one. Then the Police came and shot him for a year. When they stopped he said thanks for the massage. The nogard turned around and saw a man with a axe. Then he went to his belly and started waking it. A year later he said thanks for the awesome massage. Then the army came and the nogard said no more massages but they fired and fired and the nogard got so angry he called his family and they killed the army. Then he went home and found a gaming store. THE END

Friday, 11 September 2015

Kittens and Puppies by Lily.H

Kittens and puppies don't speak in English but they speak in a very funny language.
Puppies and kittens are very cute, fluffy and soft.
I have a cat at home, her name is Pepeco. She is very soft on her ears.
kittens and puppies are soft so they will keep warm in winter but we won't because we don't have any fur.
Kittens sometimes get very fluffy in winter so they don't even need a bed.
kittens and puppies are very different because kittens ears stay up and puppies ears bend down.
kittens don't have feet like ours because they have paws and we have toes.
I love kittens and puppies.
The end.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Nogard by Eric L

I used Explain Everything to plan a narrative about my nogard. 

This is my narrative that I wrote. I hope you like it. 

My Doggy Nogard by Georgia W

I used Explain Everything to draw what my Nogard looked like. I then used the voice recorder to talk about what would happen to my doggy nogard.

I hope you like reading my writing. 

The Gruffalo By Zahra

WALHT describe the Gruffalo.

He is a big animal that lives in a jungle.

He has a green wart on his right arm which is hairy and stinky.  He has long pointy tusks. The Gruffalo has blue and red spots on his back.  

He has got very soft fur, it feels like a soft cuddly teddy bear.  

When the Gruffalo is angry he sounds like a furious monster and when the Gruffalo is happy he sounds like a gentle puppy.  

He smells like rotten food because he hasn't had a shower for days, weeks, months and even years!  

The Gruffalo is a dangerous animal because if you try to fight with him, he will pick you up and throw you far, far away!

Minions by Lily.H

This is minions, minions are very funny. Once there lived minions but there was a problem because they didn't have a home to live in. So the whole of the minion family went on a mission to find a home to live in. The mission was a little sleepy so they stopped at some places. The places where England, Japan and all different places. Minions are dark blue and dark purple and their eyes are blue or green. The minions live in a candy land, they love eating candy so watch out. Minions love to eat bananas and swim with Scarlet Overkill. Minions love to eat ice cream at a party with their friends and family. They also like music in their party. On the mission the minions didn't have a big boss so  they went find a big boss in the real world. But it was no use to find a big boss. Minions can fly very high to the sun and to space. Then they found a big boss again and the is called Grue.

LH8/9 Art Gallery Trip

This week LH8 and LH9 have visited the Auckland Art Gallery.