Thursday, 17 September 2015

Owls forest home By Jade

Once upon a time lived an Owl in a beautiful forest. One of his homes in the forest was a big oak tree behind a glorious waterfall with friendly dolphins swimming with their families in front of the waterfall.

One day Owl went hunting for worms and mice, but then some hunters came for animals. Owl was terrified, he flew as fast as he could to his waterfall home. The hunters couldn't find any animals to eat so they put  spray glue on the floor. Spray glue was a tool that the hunters used to freeze everything. It was spreading all over the forest and making it stay there all grey to make the forest rot. If it came near owl's dolphin friends and his waterfall home him and everyone in the forest would be eaten up. Then the hunters would get a hammer and knock the trees down then boil the animals so they can eat the animals in the trees as well. Owl had to do something. In a while he had and idea. He thought that he could send a letter to his parents so they could help him. He got a feather, ink and paper. And the letter said…

Dear mum and dad,
Help! I am being attacked
from hunters! They have
spray glue and they have
already started to rotten
my beautiful forest
home!   Come quick!
Your dearest Owl

Before the hunters came to the house where Owl lived. There in the spotlight came…
His parents! They had com to help their son. They brought a human friend that they knew when they were kids. The human friend brought with him a freezer gun so they could unfreeze things from the rotten forest.
They started where the hunters started putting rot. Then they went everywhere around the forest. After that the hunters had already rottened Owls home but then they unfreezed it again and the hunters didn't find any animals so they went back home. Then the Owl his parents and the human friend had a nice cold glass of water and lived happily ever after.

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