Thursday, 17 September 2015

Cool Monster by Loeki

My monster is half human and half bull. His name is the Minotaur. He has horns, his horns are white and he has brown skin with lots of abs. His eyes are blue and he has a belt around his waist. He lives in a cool cave with his mum, brother, dad
and a pet named Jr. My Minotaur is 15 years old his brother is 12 years old. His mum is 46 and his dad is 48 and Jr is 10. There was only one enemy named Moondark. Moondark had a plan to capture Minotaur because he wanted to kill Minotaur. But then Minotaur went outside and saw Moondark and they fought. Moondark was still strong but Minotaur was stronger. Minotaur won and Moondark never came back.


  1. Hola Loeki,
    I like your monster it’s cool and it is awesome

  2. Hi Loeki
    nice writing about your monster


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