Friday, 18 September 2015

Super Joy and Sadness by Nathan

Super Joy and Sadness
Sadness lets go and play. Okay Joy but I will just walk slow because I'm so sad. Okay Sadness look what I found Sadness. What did you find I found Superman's cape. Wow let go and return it to him. Okay Sadness lets go. Here we are at the Avengers Headquarters. Lets go to Superman's room to give him back his cape. Yay we found his room now lets open the door. Yay here is Superman we found your cape in our garden superman. Thank you Joy and Sadness. Anytime Superman. Okay time for me to get back to work. Bye Superman bye Joy and Sadness. The End.

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  1. Cool idea, Nathan, for the two friends and I like how you have them talking to each other in your writing. Can you work out where the speech marks "....." that shows where each person starts and finishes talking should go?


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