Thursday, 17 September 2015

Dragon by Hunter Dodd

My dragon lived up in a broken down castle. He had sharp fangs and he had fierce eyes. Some of my dragons most favourite foods are fish, ice cream, marshmallows and white chocolate. His most favourite food is McDonald's and his second most bestest food is Burger King and his third most favourite food is Wendy's. He also has sharp wings and he has sharp slicing hooks on top of his sharp wings. My dragon has steps on his wings so I can climb up on his back. He has demon tails and he has sharp claws on his feet and he has spikes covering his whole entire back. Also he has a demon tongue and he likes taking me for ride through the clouds. He also likes camping with me inside the house at night time.

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  1. I love the words you chose to describe what your looks like and what it does. Not sure if I would have him camp in my house!


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