Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Our break through week!

We had a whole week of break through learning! There was so much going on in our hub! We had art, magic, construction, dancing, singing, researching...and the list goes on! We loved sharing how we had used the learning process to help us with our break through projects.

This is a story about fireworks, by Xzavier

I fly into the air. Zoom and boom I explode.  I do a triple back flip 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Boom! I got to the biggest planet. When I got there I got to Jupiter and I could do lots of tricks AND then when I got back home there was aliens. Oh on aliens I wall get you.
Then I had a sword and then my sword and I knocked out the aliens. I am the fastest firework king in the world.
I will go back to the moon so I am going back to the moon. I will give you a ride Weeeeeeeeeee. I had fun on the ride. Thank you for the ride King.

Friday, 5 December 2014

People going in a bus by Danielle

One day there was people who were waiting for a bus. They were waiting and waiting until the bus came. They read the sign and it will come at 1 to 4. It came to 5 to 9 and they had left. The bus driver did not see them because he was late to pick up them. They went to a different bus. It came to 1 to 4 and they went on that bus. They took them anywhere. Then they went down the street and they saw a dog. The people and the dog barked at them. They left.
The End

Kaichi 's - fireworks

I am a rocket and am about to explode. I  went to the moon and I went boom.  I was like a Rainbow. It looked like all different colours.  I heard boom.

Me the firework by Michael

I wish I could be lit because last year I didn't get to be lit. My colour was purple and yellow.
When I was blowed I came out like lighting. I was really loud like it was a danger tornado turning to chase us around. The people was saying to me look at that really amazing pretty firework that is shooting out in the sky and I went boom snap and clash.

How to be a firework, by Lily.H

3 2 1 blast off. I am a firework exploding boom! Boom! I am as blue as the sky and as pink as a pig. The sky is dark. I was as hot as the sun and as dark as black. Then the other night I saw the moon. Bye bye that was fun. I wish we could Do that for every day. Bye see you soon next time. The end.