Thursday, 30 October 2014

School fair 2014! by Keira

On Saturday 18th of October the Stonefields School fair was on and
Me and my  Isabella did a kapa haka performance and Addi my sister was in the FRONT ROW!
It was SO fun.
My Mum gave me a chocolate cupcake and Pink Candy floss YUM!
After that we had a play of netball and my sister got some goals!
And the people who ran that gave me and Addison a new drink bottle.
Then we went and got some soap a mask a bracelet and magic salt and also got our face painted.
After that it started to rain so went back home.
What a fun and long day!

Friday, 24 October 2014

The School Fair

I had some chips with tomato sauce and I had lollies. I won a money box. It was a elephant. I bought a flower. It was orange. I had a fun time at the school fair. I had two cupcakes. I loved the cupcakes. It was fun. Oliver and me we got 2 elephant money boxes. When I got home Dad gave us money.

By Emily S

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Stonefields School Fair

Stonefields School fair is the best fair ever.

1. There is lots of food.
2. There is a big playground.
3. There is lots of games.

I hope you can come next year.

By Nathan

The Fair

The fair was on the weekend. My Dad and my Mum and my Aunty Courtney and Cormac came. Then we drove to the school fair. Then we played the plate throwing. Then we went to get some hot chips. Then my Mum was working on the hot chips stand.

By Hunter

The Fair

The fair was on Saturday 18th October. I went because me and my brother did Kapa Haka. My Dad and my Mum and my brother came. It was at Stonefields School. I walked from home. First I got a soda. Then I got a cupcake. Me and my cousin spied on my brother doing magic tricks on people. Me and my cousin got jelly after that. We watched performances. We thought the funniest one was the magician because he kissed the girl. It was funny.

By Kodi

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Raising money for the Auckland City Mission: Part 2

On 17/10/14 Mina and Aurelia went to the Auckland City Mission to give the money from their singing concert to Alexis.First we got to the reception desk and we said”hello we are looking for Alexis”.We were a little bit early so we had to wait 3 minutes and then Alexis came.Then we gave the money box to Alexis.Then we had a photo.

Alexis showed us around the inside.She introduced some people to us.We saw all the clothes and food we even saw the first aid room and the sculptures they made.Then we went to Alexis's building and she showed us the shop that had all the clothes and shoes so that the people in poverty can have those clothes and shoes.Alexis also showed us the toys.Every Christmas they have a party and they give lunch and presents to everyone that comes.

By: Mina and Aurelia

Raising money for the Auckland City Mission: Part 1

Last Friday on the 19.9.14 we held a singing concert to raise money for the Auckland City Mission.

Mina and Aurelia did really really well! Don’t you think they did? There was also some awesome baking; there were cookies, cupcakes and brownie. Everybody loved the concert and the baking. We raised $104.60 dollars, that is a lot of money! The money will go to the auckland city mission to help out people in poverty. We hope it makes someone happy!

BY: Mina and Aurelia - LH2

Monday, 20 October 2014

WALHT use google maps

Today we learnt how to use google maps to find the route we will take from Stonefields School to Okahu Bay.
We are travelling 7km and it will take us 12 minutes to get from Stonefields School to Okahu Bay.

What learner quality do I need to work on?

This term, hub 2 learners will be choosing what learner quality they think they most need to work on each week. On Friday we thought about which learner qualities we are really good at and which learner qualities we could try and use a bit more. 

Jake is working on questioning this week. 

Kyle is working on thinking this week. 

I wonder which learner quality you are working on this week?

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hot Shots!

Today we got to go to a 'taster session' with Gordon who teaches tennis!

We did lots of ball skills to help us with our movement and co-ordination. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

How much will it cost us to go to the beach?

Today we worked out how much we will each need to pay to go to the beach. This is the problem we were given to solve.
Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 7.51.00 am.png


We were really stretched in this learning. Eventually we worked out that we will need to pay $5 each. If $62 learners each pay $5 the bus will cost us $310.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Get Set GO!

This week we started the Get Set Go programme.

Today's lesson was all about balance. We did lots of different activities and it was funny to watch other learners trying to balance on tiny lily pads by only using their fingers and toes!

watch this space to see what we learn next week!