Thursday, 27 November 2014

The amazing firework, by Dan

321 blast off! I'm going as fast as lightning and I make a glittery sparkle. I am the most colourful firework like a rainbow. Crash! I banged in to mars. I am as bright as the sun. Don't touch me I am as hot as a microwave. I am not stopping. I have so much energy like electricity. I don't get cold I am hotter than the oven. I am sparkling in to space like a firework. No more for me I'm turning as black as an black bird. Now it's time to make a colourful firework like a rainbow when I go boom boom! Wee I will not end this. This is so fun. Here I go again. Wee I will go back into space. Yay I am back in space now. I am in mars. I had the best day ever.

I am a awesome firework. By Flynn.

One day I was a firework. Last year I never got bought. I am at someones house. I am set wahoo. I'm gliding to the sky. Now I am slowly coming to earth. Next time I hope I go higher.

Bugs in my lunch, by mikayla

I open my launch order. Aargh bugs are in my lunch order. Eww that is disgusting. Now I don't have anymore  lunch and I can see a duty teacher. I can ask if I can go up to the staff hub and she said yes. I have chosen a Sandwich.

How to be a firework, by Emily.S

I am in a shop and I got bought. I am at someone's home. Now I am in the grass. Now I am lit. Wow I am up in the sky. Off I go to Queenstown. I am having fun at Queenstown. It was fun. I was as pink as a pig. I was as blue as the sky. I was as green as the grass. I was as red as lava. I was as white as the a wall. I was as yellow as the sun. I am floating back to the ground. The end.

Firework by Niume

I was in the shop. I bought a firework and we went home.  We opened the box and my dad lit it up. It went boom. That was cool and that was amazing and it was awesome and great and there was different colours.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The big boom in the sky by Aurelia

I am at the shop. I hope I get sold because last year I was just on display. Oh good I've been bought. Now I'm in the car. Now I'm at someone's home. Oh goodies it's night time. Time to be lit. Bing Bang Bong boom and a big back flip. Now I'm at the moon. Look some aliens. Hey aliens I am a firework. I was as red as a heart and as silver as a sparkle. I am even as pink as a pig and as blue as the sky and as gold as a charm.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Firework by Kyle

When I was a firework I was in a shop then I got sold. Next I was in a car.
Next I was on the ground. I shot in the sky and I turned into a rainbow rocket.
I crashed in to mars. I am still alive. Thank you for caring about me. I am bursting In the sky.
Do not touch me. I am as hot as the sun.

Me the firework,by David

I was In the shop waiting for someone to collect me. Then finally someone collected me. After they bought me. I was so excited for them to collect me. Then I arrived to the persons house. Now I am lit on the ground outside. I fizzed to the sky. I was colourful. Then I was falling to the ground. Then I disappeared on the ground. Like magic. Or like a magician. 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Firework, by Nathan

I'm at the shop. I'm a firework. iIm at a house now.  Now i'm in the garden. Now i'm zooming up in the sky weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm as gold as treasure and as blue as the sky and as colourful as a rainbow and as colorful as a rainbow lollipop. Now i'm at the sun. Now i'm turning around. Now I'm back in the shop so someone will buy me next year.

I wish that I was a firework, by Danielle

I am in a shop when I get bought. I go to someone's house. Hey I am ready to go. Here I am going to space. I am going. Ii am going in circles. I am going fast. Hey it's fun wewewe. I am going fast like a shooting star. I am as yellow as a star. And  I am bright. Then sometimes I disappear in the blue sky. I am as like a rainbow shining like a yellow star. I am bright when I get up some times I disappear back down into the place and I pop all the way down. I just go boom and my friends come with me. It was fun together. It was fun. I like it. 

Firework, by Ayami

I am a firework. I can fly outside. I am in someones house. At night someone lit me yay! I can twinkle like a star and split in each group like someone divide something. I am as colourful as a rainbow!! I`m going down now and I feel like I`m on a slide. Then I disappear like magic!

Boom, by Hunter

12345 zoom I am firework. I am the most highest firework. I can see birds. I can fly higher than the birds. I can fly in space. There was a firework hotel. In space and I stayed at the space hotel. Then I shrivelled down into a million pieces of ash.

Bang bang Firework by mikayla

I'm on the road. I'm lit. Now I am going bang boom bang pop crash fizzle. I am different colours. I am beautiful and I am cool and I am as green as a lizard and I look like a rainbow. Now I am at the moon weeeee. I Am like rocket. Boom. I am shooting. I am so loud. I am so fast. Zoom. Weee. It is fun yay. I am so fast. Everyone can see me. I am going to blast now yay. Now I am done blasting. That was really fun. Now I am coming down. Now I am gone like magic.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

I am a firework, by Kodi

Yaa I have finally been brought. Now I am on the grass getting ready to blow up into the sky. I can see the moon from here. It looks amazing. Whoom now I am getting ready to get fired up. Now I am shooting and burning up into the sky. I am doing a somersault into the sky swirling around. It is so so FUN. Whoom now I'm going to disappear into the sky in a rainbow of colours. I have had a good time in the sky. It is time for me to go. It's been fun. It was so cool. Bye.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Messed Up Sport

This is Hub 2's 2014 entry for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. 

This film is about a magician who keeps changing the sport his friends are playing. The sports players start playing netball. Netball then turns into basketball. Basketball then turns into soccer and soccer turns into rugby. Finally rugby turns into handball. The magician then puts a spell on the players, making them go to sleep. They wake up very confused as they all remember playing a different sport.

The sneaky magician almost gets away with his plan until he is spotted running away. 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The best day by Flynn.

On Tuesday I woke up. It was the day for the trip. When I got to school the teacher called the roll and we got into groups. We got on the bus. When we got there we got out of the bus we had morning tea. After we played some games. Next we had lunch and we played on the playground. After we had our last change over and we played on the beach. It was the best day!

My trip on the bus by Kyle

On beach day we went on the bus. When we arrived we played games in groups. Next we had lunch and my mum came over to sit with me at 12 O'clock. Next we went to the beach. Then we  got  on the bus. When we got back to school we put the chairs up. It was the best day ever!

22 fun games by Emily.S

On Athletics day we had games to play. It was fun. We played the games. We did it at Stonefields School. There were 22 games to play. We played the games for the whole day. We did it after lunch and after morning tea. We were doing it on the field and we did it on the courts. There was 20 on the field and there was 2 on the courts. We had fun playing the games on Wednesday.

Monday, 10 November 2014

My fun day by Mikayla

We played 5 games at Okahu bay and Orakei Reserve. We went on a bus and back on a bus. We went in the morning. We went on the playground. When we got there we had morning tea. We played games after morning tea. Then we had lunch and then we played 2 games. Then we went on the bus back to school. It was a fun day.

Hub 2's summer day by Santiago

Hub 1 and 2 went to the Okahu Bay beach and we went on a school  bus. 
 I needed to bring sun block, raincoat, some spare clothes and a hat. 
We went there because it  was summer and I went on the flying fox.
It went fast and fast because the wind made the flying  fox go quick.
It was fun. We played fun games on the grass at Okahu Bay. I went in this twirly thing and it was fun. We had morning tea and lunch at the park. 
l went to see the beach and l saw rocks. 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Okahu Bay beach Trip

Today we went to Okahu Bay. It was so much fun! We went there so that we could have some time with the community and so we could play P.E games with LH1. Some of our families joined us for a picnic lunch. We also played on the playground and the beach.

Click here for photos