Friday, 11 December 2015

SPCA Animal Mufti Day Fund Raising

Wow!! What a great day for the SPCA and Stonefields School. We raised over $600 today. The money has gone to the bank and we will get a receipt once it is processed. Thank you so much to everybody who helped MakeTheir Day.

                                                         Look at all those coins and notes.

 Money in the Charity bag at the bank.

Monday, 7 December 2015

The zorb balls By Thomas

The zorb balls
The zorb balls looks like the balls from jurassic world. When you are in the zorb balls it is hard to move in then. The balls are round and shaped like a shurcil. The zorb balls are hot when you get inside them and roll around. They are crazy and it is hard to get your balance them. It is fun to roll and hit people with the zorb balls. It is hard to move your arms in the zorb balls. zorb balls are super awesome to play.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Wrecking Disco Ball by Joe Y

       Wrecking Disco Ball
In a secret location in Australia there was a secret disco. Henry and Joe were dancing to try get a super dancer prize.What they didn't know was the disco ball was the master of a Dragon and a Snake but the worst part is they have super powers wait to be revealed

Suddenly the disco ball fell down from the ceiling onto the dance floor . The dragon and the rattlesnake were revealed from the disco ball.Joe and  Henry froze "don't look into the rattle snake eyes because he will turn you into solid rock"Joe warned Henry . "Why? I don't see any powers on him" Henry half turned when another person turned around and turned into solid rock

Joe had a bucket of lava ready to pour onto the dance floor. Suddenly the disco ball knocked the bucket of lava out of Joe's hands. Joe went for the bucket of lava Joe finally got the bucket of lava the poured it on the dance floor then the disco ball fell into the lava and dissolved for some strange reason the dragon and snake were dragged into the lava with the disco ball.

The people thought to carry on but they didn't. They shut it down and never had another disco again because the people knew that it would happen again


The Manaiakalani Film Festival trip By Mikayla T

The Manaiakalani Film Festival trip

Every year we go to the Manaiankalani Film Festival at Hoyts Cinemas in Sylvia Park. We watch movies made by learners from different schools in the cluster.

First we got into guardian groups and chose a buddy. Next we did the roll to cheek that everyone was there.Then we got on the bus.
I didn't enjoy the bus ride because it was long and boring. We finally arrived at the movies. I was excited but nervous because last year there were some scary movies that freaked me out. After the movies we did the roll again to check that we did not lose anyone. Then we went back to school.

I enjoyed this years movies better because it wasn't as scary and some of them were funny and silly.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Sharing Our Summarising by Story Tree House

This week Story Tree House has been learning how to summarise different parts of non fiction texts. Can you identify some feedback and feedforward for us based on the success criteria for summarising?

Monday, 16 November 2015

The stormy night By Zulfi

The Stormy Night 
by Zulfi

Once upon a time there was a Nogard playing volley ball. Then his friends came and they were playing Volley  ball  three vs three and the teams are called Real Madrid vs Japan.  Real Madrid had the game and they were cheering for Ronaldo.  Ronaldo scored a goal and they were playing under the sea and it was on Saturday.  Bale scored a goal and  the Nogard scored as well.  Real Madrid won the game and they were good at volley ball. They were the best in the sea.  The Nogard's friends lost the game. All of the people went to the shop The Nogard wanted to play with the other people that are good. The Nogard went to get a gaol and to win the game. Real Madrid won the game. Ronaldo was the one that scored in that team.

The Fair by Craig

Nogard Story By Alexi D

My Nogard has Visitors

She had a problem she lost her spell book. All of her food was meat because she was a meat eater  She got grumpy she blew fire. at about 4 o'clock when the visitors came to her house the visitors asked were is your spell book I lost it sorry that's ok let's find it i found it yay the end.

Moving By Julia C

I moved in the holidays with my family because of my sister's college. we pack so much also my dad got a big truck to put all our stuff bring to the house. my dad got the TV and the cabinets and  all of the food and me and my sister have the biggest room in the house. 

Orange by Rhys S

I'm a firework By Lily R

I wait on the side of the road to be bought by a stranger.
I see someone coming but they took another firework.
Someone else came and finally took me Put me in a big dark box. I think they were driving me home. I wondered why I wasn't light up yet. I realised it wasn't dark yet. I waited and waited. It is now time to show my specialty.
KA - BOOM ! I go up in the air I see the beautiful city. I am gorgeous. I am red, green, blue and purple. Everyone was looking at me thinking I was pretty. I  saw over amazing fireworks while I was in the sky. It wasn't long before I fell into your home. I can't wait for next time I go up and be a new firework with exciting colours.

Noguard story By Oscar F

Once upon a time there 
was a nogard he lived in a cave. He is shy, scared of snakes and being by him  self.  The Nogard  is  evil & unhappy because he  was stuck in his cave. 
His feet were  stuck in mud and slimy jelly. His friends came to help him but they got stuck 
Too. Suddenly there was an blew up. all of them shouted help help help then he pushed the boulder and he got
Out of the slime and the bolider cracked and he was free & he is  happy now
and he's friends name is clone 
And pechew and squel darth vader they had to 
Work hard.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Fireworks Day by Max

On the boat by Boston

Violet days by Tanuki

                                                            On violet days
                                                             I feel excited 
                                                   Like beautiful purple flowers 
                                                            In the moonlight 

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Fireworks by Leon B

Me as a Firework By Harry H

                                                        Me as a firework

Firstly I am being carried in a box by a big boy walking in excitement. I am now i'm being placed on the grass. Also i'm still watching other fireworks burst into the sky.  now is the moment i'm going to be lit now there running very fast for safety but now i'm sparkling 3,2,1 boom! there I go into the dark sky I see other fireworks exploding like magic fire with lots of different colours. I'm blue,green,yellow and red as well. I was so happy that I got to see whole world!

Athletes by Isla

Today was athletes day and the favrit thing I did was the leg race you hade to get the riben and a buddy and tie your legs together then you hade to walk to a cone then walk back. Then my second favrit thing to do was the sacke race first you hade to get in the sake then hop around a cone I fale over. 

Friday, 13 November 2015

Blue poem By Rhys

The Best Halloween Ever by Gaia

The Two Sailors by Michayla D

Guy Fawkes by Anna


The fireworks is pretty because it has colours like yellow green Blue.Water coming out like yellow water coming out sparkles. And when you go close it sometimes stink come out like steam and it sounds like boooom crash!
And it might looks like it's going to explode. And it's looks it's like it's going explode. And  it's like a star with shining like a star. And it up in the sky like a rocket. with glammy fire with orange.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Fireworks by Siena

Fireworks Sound like a volcano just exploded and it feels burning hot and it looks like fire. It is very pretty. When they go to sky they go very fast and they make loud noises. They come in lots of different colours. Fireworks are so pretty. Firework make really really really loud noises when they go into the sky! Fireworks are beautiful. Fireworks are my favourite thing that go up in the sky.

Fireworks by Georgia

Fire works
Fireworks are so beautiful they can be any colours like pink orange and blue.
The fireworks are so hot that's why it is smoking and you can
not touch. They are so super beautiful like the
moon flashing with the star.

Marae Noho by Lennox King

Marae Noho
By Lennox King

In the weekend I went to a Marae Noho with my Dad. The Kapa Haka  group came for a sleepover too.
First we got welcomed onto the Marae and people spoke. We touched noses after Brian spoke. Then we sang songs and ate food. I had lots of cake!
The night was not fun. We had to stay outside while the people were making the beds and it was cold. We couldn't find our sleeping bags and our bags because they mixed them up.
I got to sleep at midnight, so half the night awake and half the night asleep.
The next morning we were awake early because everyone was jumping over our sleeping bags. The little ones fell on us.
Then we had breakfast and I had  a Milo and toast, and scrambled eggs.
After breakfast we packed up, but we stayed a little bit longer and went home in the afternoon.
I felt extremely happy!

Shake out by Julia C

The shake out by julia.c 
on Thursday stonefields school did a earthquake drill. We had  to drop cover and hold.It felt like we where doing it  for 5 mimuts and there was a little video with sounded like this boom crash and there was thunder  and lintig . 

New Zealand shakeout.

                                              New Zealand shakeout.

On Thursday 15th of October we practice shake out. We did it because just 
In case there was a real earthquake. We practice drop cover and hold. We did it at reading time. When we did it i heard: bom wee woo wee woo bom it was going on for three mins finally it stopped. I feel scared but thankful that it was not a real one. 

                                                        By Lily N

The Cat and The Snake by Hailey T

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


We had a fabulous event in the library today where Griffin and his club launched some of the games they have been creating.  They showed us what they had made and how they made them.  They presented some clear explanations about how the games work and answered some interesting questions from other learners.

Here are the links to their games:

Griffin's game

Sky Dive

We then learned that Macklin was doing a similar thing for his breakthrough, so he shared his game too.

Macklin's game

Then all of the game developers got together and shared ideas for what they could do next.

The programme they used to make these games was Flowlab.  Keep an eye out because if you would like some help getting started making your own games, we will have another event in the library where they will show us how.

My Mum by Hailey T

Test Time by LH8

This is Hub 8's 2015 entry for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. 

This film is about a group of learners who reluctantly begin a writing test given to them by their teacher. Their teacher has no idea that the learners have a sneaky plan to get out of doing the test. 

We hope you enjoy watching our film! 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Scary Hurricane By Mikayla T and Tanuki K

The Scary Hurricane
By Mikayla and  Tanuki

disgusting water
flooded home
ginormous waves
trees going side to side
trees almost coming off the ground
high waves
dancing trees
people taking photos
breaking homes
water coming on bridge  
dark hurricane
lights on
broken homes
trees smashed
leaves off  trees
water on rocks
water up stairs

Bee By Nubaid S

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Yellow by Emily S

On  yellow days.
I feel happy
Like the sun
shining brightly in the morning
through my bedroom window.

Yellow By Lily R

            by Lily R

   On yellow days
        I feel happy
     like melting butter
on chocolate chip pancakes
on cold foggy mornings


Reading By Harry

I am learning to write information about the story, like the important parts. I am giving my opinions about the author.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Haunted Halloween By Ayami

Halloween Halloween in
the high night sky.
Make sure that you don't,
Get scared of night.
You better sleep
Before the monsters,
Get your dreams.
I see lots
Lots of sweets,
In the earth
night sky.
What do you want
Dress in?
Do you want dress in
A vampire?
Whenever you want to
Whenever you feel like to.
Any time you want to
Dress into any monster, just ask
Me whenever you feel like it.
The End
Image result for Happy halloween

Friday, 30 October 2015


On Tuesday the 27 of October we went to M O V I E  WORLD.When we  were in  there we  watched Hollywood stunt driver show I was amazed.Then  we went  to the Kids WB Fun Zone and went on the road ruuner roller coaster. We went backward, down, around and twists . Next we did Junior Driving School , Darryl and Chace lost me  because I did so many twists and turns. That was fun, but next we did  the Tweety Bird Cages .After,  we  went to  Wild West Adventure  Falls, I was terrified. Then we went on the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster it was so fun, I did it 2 times, it was the best one. Finally, we watched a 4D movie, it was called Road Runner.   I  liked  movie world a lot. The end 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Halloween By Beatrice

green by Leon Z


On Green days
I feel lonely,
Like seaweed,
Swaying slowly
In the dark blue ocean.

Pink By Julia C

On Pink days.
I feel pretty, 
Like a ballerina
On the stage.

My coloured days
by Ava M

On red days                       
I feel mad,
Like friends                                      
Being mean.
I burst into              
Flames at school.

On yellow days
I feel happy,
Like the sunshine
Bursting through,
The clouds at the

On orange days I feel
Like lying on
The clouds,
After a long day at school.
On pink days
I feel excited,
Like when my parents
took me on a surprise holiday.
On purple days
I feel nervous,
like going on stage and doing
a play at school.

On blue days
I feel sad,
like rain
falling softly on the footpath outside.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Going Around the Mount by Lily

Rendered Imagewhen I was going around the mount I saw some jellyfish and my Dad even saw a red jellyfish it was beautiful!!! And we saw a baby seal on the rock the seal was on a weird looking rock and I called it the noses. I saw another rock a called it the heads. On one side of the mout it is sunny and on the other it is shaede. We also went on this tall thing and there was a secret path to get down. It was a really really long walk and it felt like an 2 hours or more. I went with my cousiuns dad, mum, uncle, anty and my brother and me. It was amazing when I saw the seal and the jellyfish my dad saw a penguin but I didn't see the penguin. I went with my cousins because we planned to meet each other there, I was really excited, happy and silly. our bach is really close to Mount Maunganui. Mount Maunganui is really huge. It is really really triering going up Mount Maunganui.                           Rendered Image

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Zorb at the Fair by Taylor

Rendered Image

The zorb ball  spins like a spinning dog and is scary like the sky tower.
It's hot like fudge and hard to stand.
If you go in it, it doesn't hurt you and you need to tuck your feet in.
It's sushy like playdough and it goes fast on grass.
It's big like cotton candy and it looks like a giant beach ball.
It's amazing that it goes down the hill by itself and it's fun like spinning round and round.

Candy floss by Vincent Liu

It is very tasty.
It is very big and round and round.
It tastes like candy.
When I ate the whole candy floss I felt like I ate lots of candies.
The candy floss looks like pink wheel.