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The animal shelter - by Mina

The marshmallow challenge - episode 2
The animal shelter using the marshmallow challenge
Hypothesis: I thought it was going to stand up the whole entire time.

Aim: To be creative and make the coolest thing you can think of. You only get about 21 - 25 minutes to make this. You can use these thing as your materials.
             You will need:
  • 2m of tape
  • 13 rubberbands
  • 20 pieces spaghetti
  • 8 marshmallows
  • a timer/clock ( set to 21 - 25 minutes )

The animal shelter
  1. First I said "I just had a brilliant idea"! I said to the group ( Charlie, Tarfah and Carys ). We could make a motel. I went to get a whiteboard and draw out the picture. Once I was done the group really liked so then went over to Mrs Ruffell and got the materials we needed. 20 pieces of spaghetti, 1 marshmallow ( when we really used 8 marshmallows ) 2 meters of tape and lots of rubber bands.
  2. Secondly Mrs Ruffell started the timer. 3, 2, 1 AND GO!!! The timer had started and we started to build the base of the motel with the spaghetti and I snapped a few pieces in ½. Next we had to stick the spaghetti to the base. We had to wait a few seconds then it precariously started to fall. Suddenly it broke to pieces ( at least the base didn't ) and we had to start all over again. Soon enough Charlie had a great idea.
  3. Thirdly Charlie said she had a great idea " we could use marshmallows to stick on the ground". I liked the idea, so did Carys and Tarfah. So then we asked Mrs Ruffell if we could have 3 more marshmallows and Luckily she said "Of course you can". So then we were starting to stick the marshmallows with the tape onto the ground. After we were finished with sticking the marshmallows to the ground we started jutting the other bits of spaghetti into the marshmallow and we had to stick different pieces in and some were a bit uneven.
  4. fourthly all we had to do was make the roof. It was pretty hard to make the roof. Soon enough Mrs Ruffell came around with some rubber bands and we used them to make the roof by tying the rubber bands on the spaghetti and sticking tape on top of it. We examined it out with a long piece of spaghetti but in the end it just ended up breaking. Soon enough Charlie said " I've got an idea, we could use marshmallows and stick them on top of the 4 spaghetti sticks and then stick the long pieces of spaghetti inside the ousey sticky marshmallow".
  5. I kind of thought that if there is enough space left on the marshmallow we could put a long piece of spaghetti across it and then it can be like 2 windows. After that I told the group and they liked the idea. So then we started to do that thing. But soon enough we came across quite a big problem, we didn't have a long enough piece of spaghetti. So then we had some emergency tape left over and we used that. Luckily we had enough tape, but we still had rubber bands leftover. We thought we could tie them into little bows and turn them into pets.
  6. Soon enough I said " we could turn this into an animal shelter "! The building was finished so we needed to make the animals with the rubber bands. We were almost finished when had to get about 3 more rubber bands. The group and I grabbed some rubber bands and made a few more animals with the rubber bands. Finally the creation was a complete success and it was stupendous!!! We told Mrs Ruffell and she was amazed to the animal shelter that we had made in that time. That was how we made our animal shelter๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…!

The conclusion
At the end once we finished making the animal shelter the group had to upload some images that Mrs Ruffell sent to Charlie. While we were doing that the tower precariously started to fall down and I thought it would stay up the whole time, but I was wrong. This was just an experiment with using half of recount and half of description
​  The End!!!


One sunny day a little fairy called Goldilock was not sure what to do. She had long golden hair and a ribbon on it.

Then Goldilock fly on the Bleu sky but Goldilock fell over. But she don't get any hurt but her new pretty dress get dirty and muddy. 

Goldilock go back to dress up and she put a new ribbon on her hair to and then she go into the big playground. 

First she want to bay some ice-creme because is so hot then she going to see the children.

One girl has little sister. She's sister is so quite said Goldilock. She smile and Goldilock gave she a little ribbon that baby Goldilock's shining ribbon. The baby liked the ribbon she smile.

By Cindy.

Steel and the Magic Button - By Riley.B

Once there was a very Rare animal part ogre ,part vampire ,part bee ,part button collector ,part bird ,part human and part elephant.

 He was in war, war was very dangerous, everyone needed weapons but the very Rare animal  did not need weapons because, he was very strong and powerful because he was part elephant,vampire and bird those were the strongest bits of his body, His wings had to be very strong to left him because he was part elephant,part huge bee and more. 

One day in war steel " as steel was the very rare animals name " went to war against another country. But somewhere in the woods on the ground steel found a button but what he didn't know was that the button steel had found was magic! 

All of a sudden the other country's soldiers was surrounding steel even though everyone did not like getting a close up of him, as he was starting to flap his wings to start flying away the magic button started glowing and then couldn't fly, He was trapped then the captain came on a very strong airplane with a strong piece of Rope, and it picked steel up off the ground, steel did not know why he could not fly, he thought something was maybe wrong with his wings. 

Steel had just remembered a t.v channel that said there was a magic button in the woods, but Steel was sure that he had not found that magic button! 

They went Back to the war house, Then Steel saw a red glow in the bush, then he went to that red glow in the bush and picked something up that was red and glowing, he couldn't figure out what it was because it's glow was very very strong.

 suddenly the glow stopped and he saw three tiny holes in the middle and it was round he matched it up to his button's including the one he found in the woods and surprisingly it matched up to the button that he found in the woods. 

At that time steel realized that he had found a magic reverse button and the magic button, then he rubbed the magic reverse button on his wings and then after one night he had breakfast and then he went outside and tried to fly, it took some time but then he did it he was up in the air flying, then he put the two magic buttons in a safe place in the cabbon were only he would look so nobody would ever make the same mistake that he had made ever again.


Stella the Helper.

Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Stella. 

Stella said to her little brother wake up Sam it is a sunny day. The little brother Sam have lots of work. He was crying louder & louder because he can't do this job by himself. 

He need to tidy his books from the room. It was 10000 books. But Sam did not want to tidy this mass. 

Stella came to help Sam. She said come down Sam I can help you. Now Sam is happy. Now they worked together. They finished by the next day.

Sam said now your name is Stella the helper. They all laugh.

By: Tarfah


One day it was a gnome called Snufkin. He had a long beard and he have a green hat and he have a flours on his hat.
His problem was that no one needs help. He was apsat.
Then he hered criy some one need my help. 
He ran really fast. He found a crying baby.
He gave a noyze toy to baby. The little baby stop cryiying and smial.

By Alex F



One day there was a little girl called Cinderella, who a long hair and light blue dress and blue eyes and pink lipstick  her mother is gone.

She lived with her nice father then her father was going to the nearst city and Cinderella find a step mother in a dark forest.

The mother was mean mother and one day there was a invitation from the big castle. It was said tonight there was a dancing ball and the ball is to dance with the handsem prince.

Cinderella dress up. The problem was that here evil mother did not let her go to the ball. then a fairy godmother came from a big tree and changed her dress and a pair of glass shoes.

Cinderella went to the ball. Cinderella was happy to dance with the prince. 

By Ivy 

The Big Battle of Victory - By George

The Big Battle of Victory.

6000 years ago there was a soldier he was called Sir George
Sir George was braver than 1000 men. He was tufe he was ferlis and he was not on his own. He had an army and they were stuck in middle of the ocean searching for land.

Chapter 1 - The Problem:
17 days later they found land they hunted for food, made shelters and beds until sir George decided to explore the other side of the island so they did. While the soldiers searched they found a legendary army they were novice and scared they had no choice but to protect their master some they engaged the enemy but they were caught.

Chapter 2 - The Surrender:
Only one escaped and he promised Sir Cheater Charles that he would bring Sir George to Sir Cheater Charles so he did do what Sir Cheater Charles said. 2 days later he went back to Sir Cheater Charles hut with Sir George. He had no choice but to surrender so he did. Sir George said (I can be first in command and you can roar to your army and I can talk to my army)

Chapter 3 - The Crab Army:
As soon as the conversation was over they made brigis to other islands suddenly an army crabs came out of nowhere but it not at all tufe so they crushed the crabs SMASH BOOM BAM ZAP BOOM BAM SMASH ZAP and the crabs were all dead so they carried on making bridges to other islands

Chapter 4 - Game Over:
8 years later they were in peace and they head no more things to do so they played and played and played and played as years soldier by soldier died only Sir George and Sir Cheater Charles were alive.

The End

I hope you engod it

Flying - By Daniel.H

Thursday, 27 August 2015

The 7 stars,the taniwha

Cross Country Day - by Lennox K

Cross Country Day - by Lennox K

When the cross country started I ran fast!
I got tired so I jogged and then walked. Rhys came closer so I ran fast again.
Mum and Dad came and took pictures.
I got muddy and it is hard to run in muddy shoes.
I got a stitch but I came 4th. I was sweaty when I had my hot chocolate.
It was fun!

by Lennox King

Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Gruffalo By Ana L

        The Gruffalo

We are describing our own gruffalo. He is a friendly furry creature.He lives in a dark and scary cave.

The gruffalo has soft grey fur he has black thorns on the tip of his big grey nose. He has big sharp teeth like vampires.He has two big, grey and hard horns.He smells like old stinky shoes.

The gruffalo is as tall as the sky tower.He has a big, long, brown tail as long as a bridge. His back is covered with black prickly thorns. The gruffalo has big scary eyes.

The gruffalo sounds like a brown owl hooting all night but when he's angry he roars like a big green dinosaur.

The gruffalo is at my house because his cave got infested with poisonous bugs. He loves me reading on his lap when I lie on him, he feels like a soft bed.

The gruffalo is my best friend


The BFG by Josh C

The BFG is soft as a pillow. His hands are as soft as feathers and he is as heavy as 1000,0 bowling balls.  

His has ears as big as a 50 inch TV. If you bumped into his leg it is as hard as a tree.

The BFG has a black coat and lime green sandals, and he has a white top. He is as wrinkly as a prune. His nose is as long as a sword. He is as tall as a crane.

I think his is the friendliest giant ever.

BFG by Flynn


The BFG is Tall he has big ears so he can hear well.he has a black coat and he has Light brown sandals  and his pants are light Green  when you bump into him
he feels Like solid concrete.  when he tells you a story
his voice  is deep and  when he kicks another giant they cry. and he has a big trumpet and a big briefcase and he is wrinkly and he protects sophe.

The BFG by Ayami


The BFG is a Big Friendly Giant. The BFG ears look like an elephant.  BFG smells like a candy. He talks like a human. His face is oval like a rugby ball. Did you know, his arm is long as a snake? His finger is puffy like a sheep. His shirt is large like a lake. He could be ten times tall as me and five times wide as me!!! He sounds scary but he's not!! He is so friendly, I want him to come to my house.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

The BFG by Lily H

This is the BFG, which means the big friendly giant.
The BFG looks friendly so I would invite him over for dinner.  If you sleep next to the BFG you will get to sleep very late because he snores as loud as thunder so do not dare to sleep next to him.  I think he is even bigger than a tree.  The BFG is the smallest giant in the world.  The BFGs ears are as big as a mountain.  He is bigger than a pool and bigger than a mountain.
His fingers are as big as huge sausages his fingers are long and fat too.  His hands are as soft as a pillow and as warm as a heater.
His foot is as big as a huge pool.  The BFG doesn't eat people.
The BFG is a funny talking giant. The BFG is not like any other giant.  The BFG is nice and friendly.  I think the BFG is really really huge.
Screenshot 2015-08-13 at 12.39.07 PM.png

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Ky the Ninja

At the strike of midnight ninja Ky with his  pet cheater went out to the  ninja stealing weapon  club  on ninja street. At the club there was  ninja Thomas, ninja Hen. The first  lesson was disable the security cameras there  are 10, I used  my cheater to  jump and  destroy the security cameras. I got a ninja A ++++ so did Thomas. Hen got a Z minec. lesson 2 there are 2 security cameras and the floor has  pressure plate there are weapons at the end. I threw sherkins at the security cameras. My cheater jumped across the room he got all the weapons and bring them back. Thomas and me so we got a ninja A  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ and Hen got a B +.

Hub 8’s parrot friend

Lovable lovable and lovable again, hub 8 will soon be getting a parrot friend!

We will be for certain getting a parrot, and that's for sure!

Reason 1: Parrots are very colorful birds and I was going to chose a dove they are boring birds, as in BORING birds they are NOT colorful and we NEED a parrot.

Reason 2: Parrots imitate human speech, which basically means that they copy almost everything you say!

Reason 3: They are birds that love to learn tricks and language from YOU so you get a go at teaching her/him!

Reason 4: They can care for themselves as well, so you are not exactly their slaves, but don’t leave them alone, they need fun and loving care!

Those are my reasons that we NEED pet parrot for the class, so i’m begging you,

Please please please please please please please please please please get us a pet parrot!

My Day as a Ninja

When the clock struck twelve in 2013 two years ago I had my first mission and trust me I was good at it.I had to go to a mall! you might think I am crazy going to a mall at midnight but it is true, and not only that I was with my dog side kick ninja and even the dog was pretty good his name was  jack!

On my way to the mall I did crazy stuff, I had to hide behind the bush and not get seen it was pretty hard just hiding! Finally I got to the mall and I saw the door smashed to pieces on the ground, I was amazed! I went inside Quit was all I heard It sounded Really suspicious! I went into one shop in the mall and everything was on the ground smashed but I reconiced the shop and I had been to that shop before and some things were missing. I went into the next shop in the mall and things were also on the floor and smashed! more thing’s were missing and smashed in  the next shop and the next shop and all the shops in the mall! I looked behind me and you wouldn’t believe what I saw! There standing behind me was 12 ninja’s. Inside me I had a feeling they were going to attack in 8 sec.1 .. 2 .. 3 .. 4.. 5 .. 6 .. 7 .. 8 .. then they started getting their weapons out and !Bam whoosh Pow! but luckily I fighted them off with my special techneic’s and weapons! That day I became the Best Ninja nana in the whole wide world!

And that was the Best day of my life and most excitingest !

Ninja Thomas and the jungle chase of danger

At midnight ninja Thomas woke up because he heard someone sneaking around his house. Thomas followed him to the jungle. Ninja Thomas lost him but he did see him go into the cave. But to get to the cave he had to go over dangers things like crocodile swamps. He went to one swamp and saw some vines and swinged to the other side of the swamp. Then he came to another swamp and there was no vine so he jumped on the crocodile heads until he got to the other side. Then a tiger came and attacked ninja Thomas but Thomas did a flip over the tiger and then kicked the tiger in the butt. Then he went into the cave to find the bad person. The cave was dark but he saw the person sitting near a light with ninja Thomas`s weapons the bad guy went to the toilet. Then ninja Thomas got the weapons then went back home.