Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Gruffalo By Ana L

        The Gruffalo

We are describing our own gruffalo. He is a friendly furry creature.He lives in a dark and scary cave.

The gruffalo has soft grey fur he has black thorns on the tip of his big grey nose. He has big sharp teeth like vampires.He has two big, grey and hard horns.He smells like old stinky shoes.

The gruffalo is as tall as the sky tower.He has a big, long, brown tail as long as a bridge. His back is covered with black prickly thorns. The gruffalo has big scary eyes.

The gruffalo sounds like a brown owl hooting all night but when he's angry he roars like a big green dinosaur.

The gruffalo is at my house because his cave got infested with poisonous bugs. He loves me reading on his lap when I lie on him, he feels like a soft bed.

The gruffalo is my best friend


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  1. hi Ana great descriptive words. I like how you are being positive about the Gruffalo.


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