Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Big Battle of Victory - By George

The Big Battle of Victory.

6000 years ago there was a soldier he was called Sir George
Sir George was braver than 1000 men. He was tufe he was ferlis and he was not on his own. He had an army and they were stuck in middle of the ocean searching for land.

Chapter 1 - The Problem:
17 days later they found land they hunted for food, made shelters and beds until sir George decided to explore the other side of the island so they did. While the soldiers searched they found a legendary army they were novice and scared they had no choice but to protect their master some they engaged the enemy but they were caught.

Chapter 2 - The Surrender:
Only one escaped and he promised Sir Cheater Charles that he would bring Sir George to Sir Cheater Charles so he did do what Sir Cheater Charles said. 2 days later he went back to Sir Cheater Charles hut with Sir George. He had no choice but to surrender so he did. Sir George said (I can be first in command and you can roar to your army and I can talk to my army)

Chapter 3 - The Crab Army:
As soon as the conversation was over they made brigis to other islands suddenly an army crabs came out of nowhere but it not at all tufe so they crushed the crabs SMASH BOOM BAM ZAP BOOM BAM SMASH ZAP and the crabs were all dead so they carried on making bridges to other islands

Chapter 4 - Game Over:
8 years later they were in peace and they head no more things to do so they played and played and played and played as years soldier by soldier died only Sir George and Sir Cheater Charles were alive.

The End

I hope you engod it

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