Thursday, 6 August 2015

My Day as a Ninja

When the clock struck twelve in 2013 two years ago I had my first mission and trust me I was good at it.I had to go to a mall! you might think I am crazy going to a mall at midnight but it is true, and not only that I was with my dog side kick ninja and even the dog was pretty good his name was  jack!

On my way to the mall I did crazy stuff, I had to hide behind the bush and not get seen it was pretty hard just hiding! Finally I got to the mall and I saw the door smashed to pieces on the ground, I was amazed! I went inside Quit was all I heard It sounded Really suspicious! I went into one shop in the mall and everything was on the ground smashed but I reconiced the shop and I had been to that shop before and some things were missing. I went into the next shop in the mall and things were also on the floor and smashed! more thing’s were missing and smashed in  the next shop and the next shop and all the shops in the mall! I looked behind me and you wouldn’t believe what I saw! There standing behind me was 12 ninja’s. Inside me I had a feeling they were going to attack in 8 sec.1 .. 2 .. 3 .. 4.. 5 .. 6 .. 7 .. 8 .. then they started getting their weapons out and !Bam whoosh Pow! but luckily I fighted them off with my special techneic’s and weapons! That day I became the Best Ninja nana in the whole wide world!

And that was the Best day of my life and most excitingest !

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