Friday, 31 July 2015


LH8 had a fun time at Badminton today. We learnt how to correctly hold the shuttlecock and the badminton rackets. We had a go at hitting the shuttlecock with the rackets. We were challenged to see if we could hit the hall roof!

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Matariki by carrey li

What is matariki :When you see the most lighter stars that's when is Matariki time, it is the Maori new year.

When is matariki : Matariki  starts at June and it gone at May but it comes back at winter.

Matariki only celebrate at maori like anzac ,christmas, halloween.

There are lot of ways to celebrate matariki

  • Fishing
  • Making things
  • Getting crops
  • Tell stories
  • Flying kites

Matariki - by Reilly N

People celebrate Matariki. They plant for next year.     
They fix the kites. Matariki is seven stars called the seven sisters.

In winter Maori people celebrate Matariki.

Matariki - By Romi E

Matariki is celebrating maorĂ®  new year
to celebrate they go fishing.
To celebrate they plant.
to celebrate they tell stories.
To celebrate they look at the sky.
matariki has seven stars.  the stars come out in winter.

Marshmallow Challenge By Carrey Li

What you need for tools

  • 20 pesis of spaghetti
  • 2 marshmallow
  • 2m of tape

First you have to use the 4 spaghetti and use the tape and stick together and you make it to a line and make it looks like a noodle.

Next you need another 4 spaghetti and use the tape and stick up to the walls and it need to make it stronger and the shape is looks like a cecill.

After you need to get another 1 spaghetti and use the tape again and stick up to the wall and make it like a wood boat.

Finally you need to make the ladders and stick them up to the top of the slid and it need to like a minecraft ladder and stick up to the wood boat.

My plan didn't works and i fell little bit sad because that slide didn't​​ looks like my own slide in my mind. but the slide and put peoples on not the real people and the people looks like a spaghetti.
     the end

How to Make a Unique Eiffel Tower By Riley.B

I was with Isabelle and we wanted to make a Unique Eiffel Tower……

The aim of this challenge is to make your own sculpture - either by yourself or with a buddy.

This is what you will need:
  • 20 Raw pieces of spaghetti
  • two marshmallows
  • three Red Rubber bands
  • 2m of tape


I think that the tower would look like the Real Eiffel Tower
but it would fall down because the leg's weren't steady enough.

  • Make a 3rd triangle out of the spaghetti and tape the feet of the triangle to the ground.

  • Poke the marshmallow through the top of the tower.

  • Brake half of a spaghetti and poke one marshmallow through the half spaghetti.

  • Stick both ends of the half spaghetti to the legs so that it would stay in place.

  • Get a couple of pieces of Raw spaghetti and brake them all in half ( they don't need to be the same size ) and then stick all of them on top on the marshmallow that we just stuck to the legs.

  • Brake a couple more spaghetti pieces, and get two pieces of spaghetti and make a x. Then stick it together in the middle and Repeat that three time's.

  • Get all three x's and stick it all together then stick it on top of the marshmallow.

  • Get three Red rubber band's, and cut them all in half then wrap the first one on the top marshmallow and stick it on and then get the second red rubber band and stick it under the top marshmallow, then get the last one and stick it around the bottom marshmallow.           

After Result:
it turned out to be unique with a marshmallow on the bottom. The Reason it turned out to be a unique Eiffel Tower, is because we were bored when we had  finished the Eiffel Tower and we had heaps more time left. The Tower didn't fall down because we put two pieces of spaghetti together and we sellotaped the legs to the floor.

Check Out the picture below!!!!  

photo 1.JPG

The Tower

I make a tower. It was animal shelf. We make the animal with the rubber band. And it had 4 rooms. It was annoying because it keep breaking. Then we use the marshmallow to stick it together again. Charlie  H give the idea to make the animal with the rubber band. charlie was in my group and Mina, Carys and me. Carys was given the sellotape. I was taking the sellotape from Carys. Charlie S give us a sellotape and rubber band spaghetti. Finally we finish.  
I feel sad because when we put together it keep breaking.

By Tarfah

Spaghetti Spaghetti By Alex.F

Marshmallow Writing By Ivy

The Eiffel Tower by Isabelle

How to make the Eiffel Tower out of Spaghetti and Marshmallows

Aim:to make a sculpture in 25 minutes

Hypothesis:I thought that we would make the Eiffel tower
what you need
  • 20 pieces of  spaghetti
  • a marshmallow or two
  • rubber band
  • 2 metre piece of tape

  1. first make a 3D triangle out of spaghetti.
  2. next put the marshmallow on the top of the spaghetti.
  3. then make three x's then tape them together and put it on the marshmallow.
  4. next tape a small bit of spaghetti between the 3D triangle.
  5. but before you do that put a marshmallow in the middle of the tiny piece of spaghetti.
  6. now you can tape it onto the 3D triangle. then break some spaghetti and stick it into the  marshmallow.
  7. then there you go you have the Eiffel tower but it is unique in its own way.
  8. then just for decorations cut the rubber bands into a line and tape it onto the marshmallows.
          and you're done

when it was finished it  didn't look like the Eiffel Tower but it came out like the Statue of Liberty from new York. but we made a name for it that name is the Isariy tower

It should look like this

photo 1.JPG

The Marshmallow Goalie By Charlie.S

What you need:
  • 20 spaghetti strips
  • 2m of tape
  • 1 marshmallow

The marshmallow goalie stands strong, waiting for the ball to come. It
looks like a soft and fluffy cloud marshmallow it sounds like a squishy marshmallow.

Last week I created a goalie and it was hard because it always broke and that frustrated me in my learning.

First, I planned what i was going to make because the goal needed spaghetti and the goalie needed 2 marshmallows and a pen.

Then, I made the goalie with 2 marshmallows. I stuck pieces through the marshmallow and got a pen and i drew 2 eyes and a mouth and 1 spaghetti on each side to make the goalie gloves and arms. it looked like a weird marshmallow with a bit of blue lining that looks like blue lips that's what i didn't want.

Next, I made the goal it was hard because most of the time the spaghetti broke and i didn't put tape on at first but when the goal broke then i thought about putting some tape so it didn't break again.

After, I made something to keep my goal and my goalie in so i used some tape to stick it on the goal but it fell i was get frustrating...

Finally, I put the goalie in again and put on some more tape and it 1.JPG By Charlie.S

Marshmallow Enderman By Jahvan

How to Build a 3D Enderman Statue!

The aim of this challenge is to make an structure in a limit of 25mins.

So what we thought it would look like is a 3D enderman head with a 2D body.

You will need:
  • 2m of tape
  • 20 pieces of raw Spaghetti
  • 3 Marshmallows - 2 Whites & 1 Pink
  • 1 Scissor

Method for Body!
First cut 2 raw Spaghetti into 60cm to make the legs.
Then cut 2 raw Spaghetti into 15cm to make the hip and the neck.
Next cut 2 raw Spaghetti into 62cm to make the sides.
After cut 2 raw Spaghetti into 32cm to make the arms.
Then cut out 2 little pink Marshmallow balls for eyes.

Taping for Body:

First tape the sides, the hip and the neck together.
Then tape the legs onto the bottom of the body.
Next tape the arms onto the sides.
After connect 1 of the white Marshmallows onto the neck SLOWLY!
Then connect the eyes onto the head.
If want to make a hat cut out a piece of marshmallow then make a hat of your choice.

Finally put the last marshmallow onto the bottom to make a throne.

Method for Spear:
First cut a raw Spaghetti into 32cm to make a stick.
Then cut 2 raw Spaghetti into 18cm to make the spikes.
After tape the 2 spikes onto the stick.

Taping for Spear:

Finally tape the spear onto 1 arm.

My Hypothesis was correct after all and I'm proud!

So now it should look something like this.
photo 1.JPG

How to make a Enderman Statue By George

The aim of this challenge is to make a sculpture in 25 minutes
You will need:
  • 20 pisis of spaghetti(not cooked)
  • 3 marshmallows 2 white and 1 pink
  • 2m of tape
  • sisas
  • a roola
  • a pen

First make a rectangle shape for the body.
Then cut one side of a white marshmallow. the small pies is the hat and the big pies is the head.
Next make the legs. the legs are 38cm long. use the rola to measure the spaghetti. use the pen to mark where to cut the spaghetti.
After that make the arms. the arms are 38cm long. use the rola to measure the spaghetti. use the pen to mark where to cut the spaghetti.
Then make the spear the handle is a hole spaghetti stick the sharp tip of it is 20cm long you need two 20cm long pieces of spaghetti. 

Next get the pink marshmallow and cut two small pieces of pink marshmallow and stick it to the head for the eyes. 

Finlay use the last marshmallow for the throne.  
It should look a bit like this:

By George

Pizza By Leon.BB

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Marshmallow Seesaw - By Eugene

24.6.15 - 1.7.15
How to make a Marshmallow Seesaw

What you'll need
  • 1 marshmallow
  • 20p of spaghetti
  • 2m of tape

  • First you get a marshmallow
  • Next you tape the spaghetti
  • Finally you put the leftover spaghetti into the marshmallow

It could stand by itself and The spaghetti didn't bend and break.

The Marshmallow seesaw
Last week  when I started I did not know what to build for a scutcher but then I had an idea I could build a marshmallow seesaw.

The materials I had was 1 marshmallow and 2m of tape and 20 pieces of spaghetti.

All I had to do was to put the spaghetti into the marshmallow and tape the spaghetti to the marshmallow and yo pok the spaghetti into the marshmallow and you made yourself a marshmallow seesaw that moves side to side. I love my sculther I felt happy because  it's awesome and fun to play with and it is really cool.