Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Marshmallow Goalie By Charlie.S

What you need:
  • 20 spaghetti strips
  • 2m of tape
  • 1 marshmallow

The marshmallow goalie stands strong, waiting for the ball to come. It
looks like a soft and fluffy cloud marshmallow it sounds like a squishy marshmallow.

Last week I created a goalie and it was hard because it always broke and that frustrated me in my learning.

First, I planned what i was going to make because the goal needed spaghetti and the goalie needed 2 marshmallows and a pen.

Then, I made the goalie with 2 marshmallows. I stuck pieces through the marshmallow and got a pen and i drew 2 eyes and a mouth and 1 spaghetti on each side to make the goalie gloves and arms. it looked like a weird marshmallow with a bit of blue lining that looks like blue lips that's what i didn't want.

Next, I made the goal it was hard because most of the time the spaghetti broke and i didn't put tape on at first but when the goal broke then i thought about putting some tape so it didn't break again.

After, I made something to keep my goal and my goalie in so i used some tape to stick it on the goal but it fell i was get frustrating...

Finally, I put the goalie in again and put on some more tape and it 1.JPG By Charlie.S

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