Thursday, 2 July 2015

How to Make a Unique Eiffel Tower By Riley.B

I was with Isabelle and we wanted to make a Unique Eiffel Tower……

The aim of this challenge is to make your own sculpture - either by yourself or with a buddy.

This is what you will need:
  • 20 Raw pieces of spaghetti
  • two marshmallows
  • three Red Rubber bands
  • 2m of tape


I think that the tower would look like the Real Eiffel Tower
but it would fall down because the leg's weren't steady enough.

  • Make a 3rd triangle out of the spaghetti and tape the feet of the triangle to the ground.

  • Poke the marshmallow through the top of the tower.

  • Brake half of a spaghetti and poke one marshmallow through the half spaghetti.

  • Stick both ends of the half spaghetti to the legs so that it would stay in place.

  • Get a couple of pieces of Raw spaghetti and brake them all in half ( they don't need to be the same size ) and then stick all of them on top on the marshmallow that we just stuck to the legs.

  • Brake a couple more spaghetti pieces, and get two pieces of spaghetti and make a x. Then stick it together in the middle and Repeat that three time's.

  • Get all three x's and stick it all together then stick it on top of the marshmallow.

  • Get three Red rubber band's, and cut them all in half then wrap the first one on the top marshmallow and stick it on and then get the second red rubber band and stick it under the top marshmallow, then get the last one and stick it around the bottom marshmallow.           

After Result:
it turned out to be unique with a marshmallow on the bottom. The Reason it turned out to be a unique Eiffel Tower, is because we were bored when we had  finished the Eiffel Tower and we had heaps more time left. The Tower didn't fall down because we put two pieces of spaghetti together and we sellotaped the legs to the floor.

Check Out the picture below!!!!  

photo 1.JPG

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