Thursday, 2 July 2015

Marshmallow Enderman By Jahvan

How to Build a 3D Enderman Statue!

The aim of this challenge is to make an structure in a limit of 25mins.

So what we thought it would look like is a 3D enderman head with a 2D body.

You will need:
  • 2m of tape
  • 20 pieces of raw Spaghetti
  • 3 Marshmallows - 2 Whites & 1 Pink
  • 1 Scissor

Method for Body!
First cut 2 raw Spaghetti into 60cm to make the legs.
Then cut 2 raw Spaghetti into 15cm to make the hip and the neck.
Next cut 2 raw Spaghetti into 62cm to make the sides.
After cut 2 raw Spaghetti into 32cm to make the arms.
Then cut out 2 little pink Marshmallow balls for eyes.

Taping for Body:

First tape the sides, the hip and the neck together.
Then tape the legs onto the bottom of the body.
Next tape the arms onto the sides.
After connect 1 of the white Marshmallows onto the neck SLOWLY!
Then connect the eyes onto the head.
If want to make a hat cut out a piece of marshmallow then make a hat of your choice.

Finally put the last marshmallow onto the bottom to make a throne.

Method for Spear:
First cut a raw Spaghetti into 32cm to make a stick.
Then cut 2 raw Spaghetti into 18cm to make the spikes.
After tape the 2 spikes onto the stick.

Taping for Spear:

Finally tape the spear onto 1 arm.

My Hypothesis was correct after all and I'm proud!

So now it should look something like this.
photo 1.JPG


  1. good morning Jahvan, I like that the Enderman and It remind me of in Minecraft the Enderman in the end and also I like that you used that it is detailed and also I also want to make a Enderman but it failed and you might teach me how to build the Enderman

  2. Howdy Jahvan,
    I like how you made the enderman it’s very creative with marshmallows I liked your Idea that you used the noodle sticks and marshmallows and you made it very stable


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