Thursday, 31 July 2014

Jamie's Mum the Scientist

A Scientist visits our Hub!

On Tuesday we had an ecologist visit.

Margaret (Jamie's mum) came to talk to us about how an ecologist is a scientist that looks at and researches plants and animals.

She told us that scientists use a learning process just like us! It looks a bit different but she needs to use our Learner Qualities too...

Our First Week in the Pool!

Aquatic Safety

This week we were able to enjoy and explore the pool.  We also took some time to talk about pool rules to make sure we are all safe when we are in the water.

Next week we will begin learning about aquatic safety both on land and in the pool, such as what the differences are between floating with and without a life jacket, what a current feels like and what to do if we are caught in one to name a few.

Here is what some of the learners had to say about the pool:

"It was warmer than I thought it would be" - Euan

"I liked how there were things to help us float" - Flynn

"I liked the size because it wasn't to big" - Maddy

"I liked doing dolphin wiggles!" - George

Also special thanks to Liz (Maddy's mum) for her swimming cap expertise!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

What direction will our science learning take this term?

Yesterday we had a great discussion to decide how we would progress with our science learning this term. It was wonderful to see the children come up with so many brilliant ideas and make a majority of the decisions about what and how we will learn science this term.

First, we came up with loads of great questions, like 
  • How do things explode?
  • Why do ants go in big packs?
  • Why do balloons stick to hair?
Then we grouped those questions based on similar areas of science and decided on a BIG idea that encompassed all the things we were curious about.

After that, we thought really carefully about how different curriculum areas connect to science. We are so self aware that we managed to plan the learning for the term!

For all our thoughts and ideas, come and have a look at our inquiry wall in the hub.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Magic Underwater Sand Experiment

Today as part of our chemistry learning we finally managed to make magic underwater sand sculptures. 

The Hub 1 and 2 learners and teachers had to be really determined! On the fourth time the magic underwater sand actually worked. 

We watched this video to help us make meaning. 

Here is what we created: 

If you would like to have a go at making this at home click here to see the instructions. 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Trusted Learners

We are working towards earning a Trust License!

Yesterday we discussed the idea of earning trust licences. We are excited about the idea and will work hard to earn (and keep!) the trust of the teachers to learn in the location that suits us best.

This is what a trusted learner can do:

I can learn anywhere around the school, without a teacher. I can go in the library, hall, staff hub, hub 7, playground, courts, front part of the field.

This is how I will earn a license:

·     I show the teachers I can listen to and follow instructions.
·     I am a respectful learner.
·     I follow the treaty.
·     I do the right thing even when I’m not with the teacher.
·     I tidy up after myself.
·     I show I can manage my time well.

I will come to the teachers and show them the evidence that I should be a trusted learner.

This is what I will do to keep my license:

·       I will tidy up after myself.
·       I have all the things I need ready to go to the place I want to learn.
·       I look after my license.
·       I will be respectful of any other people who are in the space I choose to learn in.
·       I will remind others of the success criteria if I need to.
·       I will focus on my learning.
·       I make good choices about who I will learn with.
·       I make good choices about where I will lean best.
·       If there is a fire bell, I will go to the courts and find my teacher.
·       I will sign out when I leave the hub, so the teachers know where I am.
·       I only leave the hub during independent learning time and get back in time for lessons with the teacher(s).

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Snails and Slugs

Snails and Slugs!

Today we have been learning all about 'The Living World.'

One of the experiences was to observe and investigate the similarities and differences between snails and slugs.

We began we wonder about a lot of things, for example:

Why do snails move slowly?

Why do snails have tiny eyes?

Are snails carnivores or herbivores?

Are slugs and snails related?

Why do they like to stick together in large groups?

Why do they have slime or goo?

Monday, 21 July 2014

Science Immersion!

Science Immersion Week!

This week to kick start Term 3's science inquiry we are learning about different areas of science, such as The Living World, Planet Earth, Space and Beyond, Physics and Chemistry.

So far we have learned a lot about the weather.  For example, we learned how clouds are made and where rain comes from.

Here's an experiment we did which shows how rain is made, just click the link...

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Leila's Trip to Fiji

Leila, who is a learner in Hub 2 has just returned from a family trip to Fiji. While she was away she wrote about her experiences. Below is one of her recordings, it sounds like the wedding was a lot of fun!

The Second Wedding

We attended two wedding parties in Fiji. The one on Saturday was from the girls side and the one on Sunday was from the boys side. The Sunday one was the reception night.

I was the flower girl and I was wearing only white. My hair was looking pretty. I went to the hairdresser to get my hair done. My bigger cousins were the bridesmaids and we were the flower girls so we led the bride and the groom to their seats and then we went back to our mum and dad’s. Then we had dinner and after that we saw some fire dances and I went in some of the dances. Then they did some real fire dances. After that we could do whatever we wanted to do so we played tag and picked purple flowers and white ones too. Then we had some time to listen to some songs and then we played, played and PLAYED. Finally we went back to our hotel.





Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Our Winter Weather Poems!

Stonefields School’s Raining Weather  

While I was snoring it was pouring.  
The trees were going whoosh 
The rain is wet.
Then the rain wet the crane.



Puddles splash like rain drops fall.
When I jump in puddles the water drops like balls.
We play in puddles like no tomorrow.
We jump and jump in puddles like we are never bored.
We get in our gumboots and we play all day.
It feels like clay.
I play with puddles like I will never let go.
I get wet but I don't care.
I go inside I freeze to my head like my head is in a freezer.


The Wind

Some people go to work in a raincoat.
I didn’t know a car could slip on the wet roads. I put my raincoat on.
It blows away.
I didn’t know why my raincoat blew away.
My Dad is catching my raincoat.
My raincoat is back on my shoulder.
I said to my Dad “Yay my Dad grabbed my raincoat”.
I’m glad my Dad can jump.
He has strong legs.
I wish I had strong legs like my Dad.


Snowflakes falling everywhere

Snowflakes are white.
They fell at night.
It rains a little.
The rain is blue.
The waves are invisible.


Snowflakes falling on Stonefields

They rolled to my hand.
They were everywhere.
I let it go and it falls on the chair.
They are cold like ice.
Snowflakes remind me of a rainy day bear.
Snowflakes are cool because I think they look pretty and shiny.