Wednesday, 30 July 2014

What direction will our science learning take this term?

Yesterday we had a great discussion to decide how we would progress with our science learning this term. It was wonderful to see the children come up with so many brilliant ideas and make a majority of the decisions about what and how we will learn science this term.

First, we came up with loads of great questions, like 
  • How do things explode?
  • Why do ants go in big packs?
  • Why do balloons stick to hair?
Then we grouped those questions based on similar areas of science and decided on a BIG idea that encompassed all the things we were curious about.

After that, we thought really carefully about how different curriculum areas connect to science. We are so self aware that we managed to plan the learning for the term!

For all our thoughts and ideas, come and have a look at our inquiry wall in the hub.

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