Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Our Winter Weather Poems!

Stonefields School’s Raining Weather  

While I was snoring it was pouring.  
The trees were going whoosh 
The rain is wet.
Then the rain wet the crane.



Puddles splash like rain drops fall.
When I jump in puddles the water drops like balls.
We play in puddles like no tomorrow.
We jump and jump in puddles like we are never bored.
We get in our gumboots and we play all day.
It feels like clay.
I play with puddles like I will never let go.
I get wet but I don't care.
I go inside I freeze to my head like my head is in a freezer.


The Wind

Some people go to work in a raincoat.
I didn’t know a car could slip on the wet roads. I put my raincoat on.
It blows away.
I didn’t know why my raincoat blew away.
My Dad is catching my raincoat.
My raincoat is back on my shoulder.
I said to my Dad “Yay my Dad grabbed my raincoat”.
I’m glad my Dad can jump.
He has strong legs.
I wish I had strong legs like my Dad.


Snowflakes falling everywhere

Snowflakes are white.
They fell at night.
It rains a little.
The rain is blue.
The waves are invisible.


Snowflakes falling on Stonefields

They rolled to my hand.
They were everywhere.
I let it go and it falls on the chair.
They are cold like ice.
Snowflakes remind me of a rainy day bear.
Snowflakes are cool because I think they look pretty and shiny.



  1. I really REALLY like the writing you have put a LOT of care into your writing Michael, Jahvan , Kaichi, Niume and Aurelia. keep up the good work!!!

  2. I loved all your poems! You all have great imaginations and I love how each of you shared your personal stories of what winter means to you - rain, puddles, snowflakes, raincoats, rainy day bear.
    Keep up the fantastic work Michael, Jahvan , Kaichi, Niume and Aurelia!
    Cindy from Telecom :-)


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