Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Trusted Learners

We are working towards earning a Trust License!

Yesterday we discussed the idea of earning trust licences. We are excited about the idea and will work hard to earn (and keep!) the trust of the teachers to learn in the location that suits us best.

This is what a trusted learner can do:

I can learn anywhere around the school, without a teacher. I can go in the library, hall, staff hub, hub 7, playground, courts, front part of the field.

This is how I will earn a license:

·     I show the teachers I can listen to and follow instructions.
·     I am a respectful learner.
·     I follow the treaty.
·     I do the right thing even when I’m not with the teacher.
·     I tidy up after myself.
·     I show I can manage my time well.

I will come to the teachers and show them the evidence that I should be a trusted learner.

This is what I will do to keep my license:

·       I will tidy up after myself.
·       I have all the things I need ready to go to the place I want to learn.
·       I look after my license.
·       I will be respectful of any other people who are in the space I choose to learn in.
·       I will remind others of the success criteria if I need to.
·       I will focus on my learning.
·       I make good choices about who I will learn with.
·       I make good choices about where I will lean best.
·       If there is a fire bell, I will go to the courts and find my teacher.
·       I will sign out when I leave the hub, so the teachers know where I am.
·       I only leave the hub during independent learning time and get back in time for lessons with the teacher(s).

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