Friday, 30 October 2015


On Tuesday the 27 of October we went to M O V I E  WORLD.When we  were in  there we  watched Hollywood stunt driver show I was amazed.Then  we went  to the Kids WB Fun Zone and went on the road ruuner roller coaster. We went backward, down, around and twists . Next we did Junior Driving School , Darryl and Chace lost me  because I did so many twists and turns. That was fun, but next we did  the Tweety Bird Cages .After,  we  went to  Wild West Adventure  Falls, I was terrified. Then we went on the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster it was so fun, I did it 2 times, it was the best one. Finally, we watched a 4D movie, it was called Road Runner.   I  liked  movie world a lot. The end 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Halloween By Beatrice

green by Leon Z


On Green days
I feel lonely,
Like seaweed,
Swaying slowly
In the dark blue ocean.

Pink By Julia C

On Pink days.
I feel pretty, 
Like a ballerina
On the stage.

My coloured days
by Ava M

On red days                       
I feel mad,
Like friends                                      
Being mean.
I burst into              
Flames at school.

On yellow days
I feel happy,
Like the sunshine
Bursting through,
The clouds at the

On orange days I feel
Like lying on
The clouds,
After a long day at school.
On pink days
I feel excited,
Like when my parents
took me on a surprise holiday.
On purple days
I feel nervous,
like going on stage and doing
a play at school.

On blue days
I feel sad,
like rain
falling softly on the footpath outside.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Going Around the Mount by Lily

Rendered Imagewhen I was going around the mount I saw some jellyfish and my Dad even saw a red jellyfish it was beautiful!!! And we saw a baby seal on the rock the seal was on a weird looking rock and I called it the noses. I saw another rock a called it the heads. On one side of the mout it is sunny and on the other it is shaede. We also went on this tall thing and there was a secret path to get down. It was a really really long walk and it felt like an 2 hours or more. I went with my cousiuns dad, mum, uncle, anty and my brother and me. It was amazing when I saw the seal and the jellyfish my dad saw a penguin but I didn't see the penguin. I went with my cousins because we planned to meet each other there, I was really excited, happy and silly. our bach is really close to Mount Maunganui. Mount Maunganui is really huge. It is really really triering going up Mount Maunganui.                           Rendered Image

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Zorb at the Fair by Taylor

Rendered Image

The zorb ball  spins like a spinning dog and is scary like the sky tower.
It's hot like fudge and hard to stand.
If you go in it, it doesn't hurt you and you need to tuck your feet in.
It's sushy like playdough and it goes fast on grass.
It's big like cotton candy and it looks like a giant beach ball.
It's amazing that it goes down the hill by itself and it's fun like spinning round and round.

Candy floss by Vincent Liu

It is very tasty.
It is very big and round and round.
It tastes like candy.
When I ate the whole candy floss I felt like I ate lots of candies.
The candy floss looks like pink wheel.

Candy floss by Georgia

The Zorball by Ayami

Rendered Image
The zorb ball was soft. It feels so puffy that it doesn't hurt when you bump into someone. When I saw the zorb ball it was like a big gigantic beach ball. For me it was so squishy like a rubber ball. While I was rolling down the hill there was lots of wind coming in the zorb ball. After when I finish rolling the hill and tried to go up the hill again…it was so heavy. So it means zorb ball is a fun activity.
Rendered Image

The chocolate game by Siena

My Game by Josh

My Game

My game, Can'n Ball goes banging and crash like a building being blown up. The ball smashes and crashes the tins and cans. Paint comes off. Crash, bash, smash. Excitingly awesome ball smashing at the fair!

Zorb balls by Kyan

Zorb balls
It looks like a super giant ball. Zorb balls smell like plastic and grass. It feels squishy, soft and rubbery. Zorb balls sound like wind and bouncy balls. Zorb balls are awesome and cool because you can play soccer with them. Zorb balls are cray cray!!! Zorb balls are tight on your arms.When you go in the zorb balls you get really hot and sweaty. Zorb balls are funny because when you bounce people over you go over.

Candy Floss By Beatrice

On Saturday I went to the Stonefields School Fair. I ate some candy floss. Here is my description about it. 

The Zorb balls by Thomas

The zorb balls look like the balls from Jurassic world. When you are in the Zorb balls it is hard to move in them. The balls are round and shaped like a shurcil. The Zorb balls are hot when you get inside them and roll around. They are crazy and it is hard to get your balance in them. It is fun to roll and hit people with the Zorb balls. It is hard to move your arms in the Zorb balls. Zorb balls are super awesome to play.

The Fair: Zorb balls by Dan V

The Fair: Zorb balls
The zorb ball are hard to run in. When you run into each other the zorb balls go boing. You can roll down little hills without getting hurt. The Zorb balls tastes like plastic. it sounds loud if you get crashed over or rolled around. It was fun, awesome and exciting. You can only sound air. It Feels compatible.The zorb balls looks like the balls in jurassic world. You can have battles and bang them over!!!

Monday, 12 October 2015

John Key By Harry

This is my recount about a person in the world. I chose him because he is one of my favourite people and I knew he was going to be the best person to pick.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

The BFG by Thomas

The Bfg is a huge giant. The Bfg is nice and he does not want to hurt humans. He lives in a cave with other giants but he is the smallest giant. He wears a black coat and he is as big as a house. He has a huge trumpet and when he blows into it, green gas comes out of it. The Bfg is very old and his legs are super long and big. He wears a brown belt on his waist. He has ears as big as elephant ears. The Bfg smells like mud because he lives in a cave. When you bump into the Bfg it feels like you have hit a tree trunk. He is as skinny as a walking stick. He has a long and big nose. One step from the Bfg`s foot is as big as a tennis court. The Bfg has a small head. He sounds like a person being angry and stomping around.

Screenshot 2015-08-17 at 12.44.03 PM.png

My Scary Creature by Thomas S

My creature is a dragon. He has lots of strong and rough black scales around it's body. He has very big paws with super sharp claws. He has huge wings. He can fly faster than a lighting bolt. He shoots lava from his mouth and it can burn down a whole city in 1 second. He is bigger and wider than a house. His eyes are light red like blood. He has a tale with a spear one the end of it.

Stonefields School Art Gallery by Thomas

One Saturday I went to stonefields school art gallery with my mum and brother. We went there because I wanted my mum to see my amazing art piece. My art was a ninja. My mum liked my art so much she bided $15 dollars on it. Then we went to Jake's art his was printmaking. My mum liked Jake's one too so she bided $10 dollars to. Then we went out of the hall and got a gingerbread train. After I ate the train my lips went blue because of the icing. I looked like a smurf. Then I went to play at the senior playground. When I was playing I saw Dan so we played for a little bit then I decided I wanted to go home because I was hungry. So my mum, brother and I went to the shops to buy some things for dinner. We are having my favourite, burgers for dinner.  Next we went to subway to get lunch. Then we went home. I was worried that someone might bided for my art piece. Then later That day Miss Campbell rang my mum up and said we had won our art. I was very happy and relieved that I had won my art same with Jake.

Going to Hamilton Zoo by Thomas S

On monday my dad took a day off work so our family could go to Hamilton zoo. When we got there we looked at the southern white rhinos. The rhinos horns are super big and the are also made out of our finger nails. Rhinos rub their horns on trees because they don't want their horns to grow to long. We saw a sign that said what kind of rhinos there are and if the are endangered or not. Most of the rhino are endangered. After we saw the rhinos we went to the spider monkeys. I saw a spider monkey on a tree and my brother Jake saw four spider monkeys on the ground. The spider monkeys were cleaning each other. The spider monkeys tails were super long to help them swing and hold onto branches. Next we went to the cheetahs. We couldn't see the cheetahs but eventually we saw two of them under and tree relaxing. Cheetahs can run up to 110 or 120k per hour. Then we went to see the tigers. I was the first to see two tiger on a wood plank. We saw the tiger that killed the lady at the zoo. The tiger's name that killed the lady was Oz. The staff at the zoo said they should put the tiger down that killed the lady. But so many people said no they don't want to put the tiger down, so they didn't kill Oz the tiger. I'm glad that they didn't kill Oz because if they did we would have not seen the tiger.  After we saw the tiger we went to the african hunting dogs. They looked super awesome with the brown, black and white spots on them. Then we went to see the NZ falcon. I read on a sign that said that the falcons are the fasted animals in NZ and they are endangered. Then we went to see some more  monkeys. The best animal I saw at the zoo was a little brown monkey because it gave us a hi five with his tiny hand on the glass. I had an awesome time with my family at the Hamilton zoo and I want to go again.   

Friday, 9 October 2015

Luana saves the day By Zahra

Luana saves the day
Once there lived a little girl called Zahra, she was 9 years old and she was going to Universal Studios.  She was going for a holiday with her Mum and Dad.  Right now they are in Paris but they are going to go onto a cruise ship to go to Universal Studios in America.  A few hours later after Zahra and her parents boarded the cruise ship a big storm came, heavy rain came falling down from the sky, huge waves came in the water and thunder and lightning came in the sky.  The cruise ship started tilting in the water, side to side and back to forth.  Zahra and her parents were about to fall into the sea when suddenly this girl appeared in the air and she made the storm go away!  Then she flyed back down onto the cruise ship and went to zahra and her parents.  Zahra was so excited to see her that as soon as she came to them Zahra started asking questions at once. "Calm down" said Zahra's mother.  Then the girl said hello to them, then they started chatting and she told them that her name was Luana.  After a while of chatting Zahra asked Luana if she wanted to come on the trip with them and Luana said yes!  Finally after another 20 hours they reached America they were all fast asleep, especially Luana!  Once they woke up they went to the airport and went in a van to get to their hotel.  Once they reached their hotel they had a rest and the next day they went to Universal Studios.  Zahra, her parents and Luana sure did have quite a fun day!  When they went home Zahra said farewell to Luana and hoped to see her again soon!!! 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Mr Twit Prank by Henry

One day mrs twit was building a shed then she said "I'm tied" and she walked into the house and went to bed. At midnight mr twit snuck out of bed and bring a toy hammer then he put the toy hammer where the real hammer is and took the real hammer with him. The next morning mrs twit got up and went back to working on the shed but when she hit a nale with the hammer the hammer split in half. The mrs twit said" I WILL GET YOU MR TWIT". that evening mrs twit opened her secret note pad and wrote a new plan for REVENGE!!!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

My Mum by Zahra

My Mum

My Mum Razia is successful at being a good Mum.

She is good at cooking chicken, she puts chilli in her chicken to give it flavour and so it is yummy.  My Mum is also successful at making lamb and beef.  My Mum is successful at baking as well.

She is very good at doing art.  One of the things my Mum is good at is drawing girls and ladies.  My Mum is also good at colouring in, if she uses colouring pencils or crayons she colours it in lightly because if you do it dark it might ruin the crayons or colouring pencils.

My Mum was successful at getting a job.  They might have decided to give her the job because she is a nice person.

She is good at washing clothes.  When the clothes come out of the washing machine, they smell really nice!

My Mum is the best Mum in the whole wide world and I love her very very much!!!

My holiday by Nathan

My holiday
Right now it is the holidays and i am in toy world. I am buying shopkins and paw patrol and I am also getting some inside out toys. I have got all of them now we can pay. Now we can go home. First i'm opening the inside out toys wow they are really cool. Now I'm opening my paw patrol toys wow they are really cool too. Then last but not least i'm opening the shopkins wow they are the best things I've opened today. this is the best holiday ever the end.
holiday .jpg

Monday, 5 October 2015

Mr and Mrs Twit Letters By Zahra

Mr Twits Letter

Dear Mr Twit 
I am wondering why you always fight with Mrs Twit.  You should forget all the fights because if you keep on fighting with Mrs Twit then she'll play worser and worser tricks on you everyday.  I think that you should just apologise to Mrs Twit, forget all the fights that you had and be friends!

From Zahra

Response to Zahra's letter

Dear Zahra
I will think about it I will stop fighting and being mean to Mrs Twit. 
from Mr twit

Mrs Twits Letter

Dear Mrs Twit 
I am wondering why you always fight with Mr Twit. I think that you should apologise to Mr Twit, forget all the fights, be friends and move on, because if you don't things will get really really really worse and you'll regret it for the rest of your life!!!
From Zahra

Response to Zahra's letter

Dear Zahra 
I will think about it. If Mr Twit agrees to apologise to me then we can be friends and move on.
From Mrs Twit 


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Letters to Mr and Mrs Twit by Carys and Mina

A letter to Mr and Mrs Twit
letters by carys
responses by Mina

stonefields school
81 Tihi street
Auckland 1072
New zealand

Dear Mr Twit
Being husband and wife is all about family and time together. You shouldn't be mean to each other. If you say something nasty or offensive you should say sorry straight away. You shouldn't make plans or trick each other or it will become something that goes over and over again. Instead of being nasty you should do kind things like use manners, respect each other and do things for each other. Even though it is fun you shouldn't do it. Would you like it if I came up to you and said mean things to you? If you don't then why do it to someone else?

From Carys.
P.S - I would like it if you were kind.

Dear Carys,

Sorry I haven't been the best Mr Twit. I hate Mrs Twit now, I don't know why I married her in the first place. When she was younger she was really pretty and beautiful but as the years went by she was getting uglier and uglier. I really want to help but she just torchers me when she gets angry at me. I just can't help it, then I just make more evil plans then her. I thought about what you said and now I know the most perfect gift to give her. Thank you so much!

From Mr Twit
(Written by Mina) 

stonefields school
81 Tihi street
Auckland 1072
New zealand

Dear Mrs Twit

Being a family is all about love . but at the rate you are going you aren't going to get any respect at all. You should treat others how you want to be treated. Even if Mr Twit is making mean tricks on you, you shouldn't make tricks on Mr Twit because otherwise you won't get any respect. Go on and try being nice to Mr Twit even if he is being mean to you. Then you will get more respect back.  
You shouldn't be mean to Mr Twit. Even though it is fun making tricks you shouldn't do it. You should say kind things and do Kind things for Mr Twit. Making sneaky plans is a really nasty thing to do. You should try to stop bugging Mr Twit and do things that are kind. Say sorry if you do or say something nasty. Playing tricks is going to become a habit and keep going on and on if you don't start being kind. Try being more kind and respectful to Mr Twit. Instead of making up tricks all day why not try being kind for a day.

from Carys
P.S - I'd like it if you try being kind for a change   

Dear Carys,

I am so sorry for what I've done, it's just that Mr Twit tortures me every time he does some sort of trick on me. Also what you said about the tricking getting into a habit it's starting to get into a habit. I don't really know any kind words to say to him because all the time we are fighting and fidgeting and bugging each other. I might need a bit of help with figuring out a gift to do. Now I know what to do! Thank you Carys, thank you, thank you thank you.

From Mrs Twit.
(Written by Mina)

Letters to Mr and Mrs Twit - By Mina and Carys

A Letter To Mr And Mrs Twit
Letters By Mina
Responses By Carys

Stonefields School
81 Tihi Street
Auckland 1072
New Zealand

Dear Mr Twit,

Why are you doing all these mean things to each other? Being a husband and wife is all about caring for them and you should always love them. But what you are like right now you both don't love each other. It would be nice to see what it's like for a day if you cared and love each other. Then you would get the respect you want, the more you fight and do mean things to one and other the less respect you'll get and then people will not like you. Think of giving presents to each other. When you were little and naughty santa didn't give you presents because you didn't earn them. I know you like making plans and tricks and everything but it's not really nice. How would you like if it was one of your lucky days and I came up to you and said something mean? Would you like that? No, I don't think you would like that. So I'll be sending you letters to help with doing nice things to each other. When you wake up in the morning you should feel happy and ready to go to work, not being grizzly and trickstar people. Please, please, pleaaaase make a change in your hearts. Don't forget to go to other places and not just stay at home.

Kindest regards Mina

PS: Here's a deal, I'll buy you anything that's appropriate, so you better go make me proud today with your beloved husband and wife. Love each other for a whole day see what it's like and do it again if you like it.     

Dear Mina 

I am so sorry that I have been making plans. I am now going to be more respectful to Mrs Twit. I have said sorry about everything I said to Mrs Twit. Thank you so much for helping me be kind.

From Mr Twit
(Written by Carys)

Stonefields School
81 Tihi Street
Auckland 1072
New Zealand

Dear Mrs twit,

Why are acting like a horrible little brat? people are not liking you because you keep doing mean things at everyone like hitting people with your walking stick. You also keep saying mean things to Mr twit and everybody is around you. You're saying mean things like you grizzly old grunion and other mean things. Also you keep doing nasty tricks that are not that nice to each other, the only day everyone should get to be pranking everyone is april fools day. It's a day where everyone in the country gets to do little pranks to each other. Being a husband and wife is all about caring for them and you should always love them. But what you are like right now you both don't love each other. It would be nice to see what it's like for a day if you cared and love each other. Then you would get the respect you want, the more you fight and do mean things to one and other the less respect you'll get and then people will not like you. Instead you should be spending good quality time with Mr twit but all you do all day is do yucky horrible things that brats do. What you need to do is just do something nice to him for a day, think of giving him a present or go out for dinner with him. Maybe you could go for a walk in the park. You both just act evil. Every time one of you to a trick on each other you pay back on one and other. Just try and fix it and don't payback. When you wake up tomorrow morning you should feel happy and loving and caring not old brats ready to do mean things. Being a wife is all about loving your husband and family. Just because people think you look ugly doesn't mean you should be. Please please please please pleaaase make a change in your heart.

Kindest regards Mina

PS: If you have any trouble I'll keep sending messages to you. Here's a deal, I'll buy you anything that's appropriate, so you better go make me proud today with your beloved husband and wife. Love each other for a whole day see what it's like and do it again if you like it.

Dear Mina

I am so sorry that I have been disrespectful to Mr Twit.It is more fun being together with Mr Twit than making silly old plans.Thank you for being kind and helping me make good decisions. You are a kind person

From Mrs Twit
(Written by Carys)

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Red Planet by Vincent

Me Ben, Carrey, Eric,and Max went to the space ship.
We where our space sert.
We went to the Red planet to check it is safe to live.
There are ten bad dragons.
We quickly got to the space ship.
We took our golden sword to fight the dragons.
We want to go to another galaxy.We want to go to another galaxy.
It is safe.
Everyone lived there.
The end