Friday, 2 October 2015

Letter to Mr Twit by Bella & Kyan

Stonefields School
81 Tihi Street
Auckland 1072
New Zealand

Dear Mr and Mrs Twit,

I don't know why you are making plans, scaring each other and saying rude and offensive stuff to each other. I think you guys like it, but it's not ok.
Think about how you would feel if I walked up to you and said something mean or hurt you! You need to understand that you are both humans and you both have feelings! Soon this will become a habit and we don't want you to hurt others In the world. I want you to maybe buy each other a kitten to play with, maybe do some chores for each other, or just do something nice for a change! So I am asking you to be kind to each other and realize both of you will have feelings. Thank you,

from, Bella

PS, if you can stop i'll be so proud and send you lollies!

:D :D :D

Dear Bella

If she does not stop I won't!  so don't say to stop!!! FULL STOP.

Mr twit :c

(Written By kyan)

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