Friday, 23 October 2015

Going Around the Mount by Lily

Rendered Imagewhen I was going around the mount I saw some jellyfish and my Dad even saw a red jellyfish it was beautiful!!! And we saw a baby seal on the rock the seal was on a weird looking rock and I called it the noses. I saw another rock a called it the heads. On one side of the mout it is sunny and on the other it is shaede. We also went on this tall thing and there was a secret path to get down. It was a really really long walk and it felt like an 2 hours or more. I went with my cousiuns dad, mum, uncle, anty and my brother and me. It was amazing when I saw the seal and the jellyfish my dad saw a penguin but I didn't see the penguin. I went with my cousins because we planned to meet each other there, I was really excited, happy and silly. our bach is really close to Mount Maunganui. Mount Maunganui is really huge. It is really really triering going up Mount Maunganui.                           Rendered Image


  1. Hi Lily H
    I have seen a baby seal too and I have also been to mount Maunganui. Great writing

  2. Lily H this is very detailed information. You put a picture in my head that made me breathless. Next time you could you maybe tell us more.


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