Friday, 2 October 2015

Sparkles and Shimmer by Mikayla

Sparkles and Shimmer
One sunny day Sparkles walked to school with Shimmer the mouse. Shimmer and sparkels were best frinds.  They go  to a high school called mouse high school. It was a wensday ,it was alllso playground day. they had   homework. It was to sell the most cokies. Shimmer and Sparkles where very determand to win. But  when  they were walking home then they  dropt the cookies. then they made the cookies put them in the oven to coke. then they took them out of the oven  then they starded selling the cookies. The next day they walked to mouse high school. then the bell rong.then  they went to there cluss room. There theacher seid Sparkles and Shimmer you won the compothison! they won 99 dolers!  they brought a 3 doobbeld bus.  


  1. Hi Mikayla T
    that is a interesting story I like how you said what they bought and how you had a particular thing on that day

  2. Hi Mikayla T
    I love that Shimmer and Sparkles story sounded nice. How was Shimmer and Sparkles?


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