Friday, 2 October 2015

Letter for Mrs Twit by Bella and Kyan

To Mr Twit and Mrs Twit 
You should not be mean to each other. Stop pulling pranks on each other and especially say nice things and do nice things.
From Kyan.
P.S if you do I'll be really proud and I'll give you 100000$

Written By Kyan

Dear K

Are you asking me to change? I mean, you can't just ask someone to change, but, well, I get what you mean, we are nasty, but that's just us. I mean, I could, but I couldn't, It's not happening. Full stop, sorry, I'm not changing, Unless Mr twit changes, I can't, just too hard. Now, don't beg me, because i'm not in the mood. Look, it's probably the most funny thing in the world to trick him, and life is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to plain without lots of laughter, so, I guess i'm gonna say NO to your request, sorry, anyways, now's not the best time to send this to me i'm making a plan to fool Mr twit, Bye Bye! AND NO BEGGING!


Mrs Twit.

Written By Bella

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