Saturday, 10 October 2015

The BFG by Thomas

The Bfg is a huge giant. The Bfg is nice and he does not want to hurt humans. He lives in a cave with other giants but he is the smallest giant. He wears a black coat and he is as big as a house. He has a huge trumpet and when he blows into it, green gas comes out of it. The Bfg is very old and his legs are super long and big. He wears a brown belt on his waist. He has ears as big as elephant ears. The Bfg smells like mud because he lives in a cave. When you bump into the Bfg it feels like you have hit a tree trunk. He is as skinny as a walking stick. He has a long and big nose. One step from the Bfg`s foot is as big as a tennis court. The Bfg has a small head. He sounds like a person being angry and stomping around.

Screenshot 2015-08-17 at 12.44.03 PM.png

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