Thursday, 1 October 2015

Soccer prize giving by Thomas S

On Saturday my brother, mum and I went to my soccer prize giving. The prize giving was at a girls school in the hall. When I got there I sat with my team mates. A tall man with black hair started talking about the soccer and the soccer term. Finally we started the prize giving. First it was the grade 6 then the grade 7 and then it was grade 8. When my team was called up we got on the stage they announced that Nouh was the best player and then they said I was the most improved player. I was so happy and excited that I got most improved player, and I got a soccer boot trophy. When the prize giving had ended people on the stage started throwing lollies but I didn't get one lolly but luckily my brother got lots of lollies so we could share them. When I found my mum she was very proud of me and my brother for both getting most improved player.    

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