Thursday, 22 October 2015

Zorb balls by Kyan

Zorb balls
It looks like a super giant ball. Zorb balls smell like plastic and grass. It feels squishy, soft and rubbery. Zorb balls sound like wind and bouncy balls. Zorb balls are awesome and cool because you can play soccer with them. Zorb balls are cray cray!!! Zorb balls are tight on your arms.When you go in the zorb balls you get really hot and sweaty. Zorb balls are funny because when you bounce people over you go over.

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  1. Hi Kyan
    Yeah I agree with you it is really funny when people get bumped over then get bumped over as well.Do zorb balls always feel squishy, sort and rubbery how about when the zorb balls are not fild with air?
    Kind Regards Charlie H


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