Friday, 2 October 2015

Inside Kyan's iPad by Dan

We have been learning about narratives. A narrative is a made up story. This week we made up stories to answer this question: 
If you could go anywhere in the holidays where would you go?

In the holidays me and Thomas went to Kyan's house. We played on his iPad then it turned into a portal and suck us all up. Thomas went first then Kyan then some red particles came out and it suck Dan in and turned Dan bad. We first went in to Jurassic park the game. First I saw them Then I made a bow. By time I made the bow they were gone. Then I Transported to the next game called pixel gunner. They spotted me then they started shooting me and then I saw them and got my sniper. I almost got them but they dodged it and almost shot me with his bow then I got lots of money and bought the death machine gun and shot everywhere to make sure Kyan and Thomas wouldn't survive. They didn't survive but they respond and tried to shot me but missed. Then I transported into clumsy ninja and I was the big samoir and they were the clumsy ninja and tried to fight me then I grabbed kyan then He found the first Orb and then we transported to the last minecraft the hardest One I collected wood and then went into a cave then I found the transporter to the real world and transported to there and when I went Thomas and Kyan came then Kyans mum came and saw us all hurt and muddy and we went home and had a shower  I said best holiday ever.

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