Saturday, 10 October 2015

Going to Hamilton Zoo by Thomas S

On monday my dad took a day off work so our family could go to Hamilton zoo. When we got there we looked at the southern white rhinos. The rhinos horns are super big and the are also made out of our finger nails. Rhinos rub their horns on trees because they don't want their horns to grow to long. We saw a sign that said what kind of rhinos there are and if the are endangered or not. Most of the rhino are endangered. After we saw the rhinos we went to the spider monkeys. I saw a spider monkey on a tree and my brother Jake saw four spider monkeys on the ground. The spider monkeys were cleaning each other. The spider monkeys tails were super long to help them swing and hold onto branches. Next we went to the cheetahs. We couldn't see the cheetahs but eventually we saw two of them under and tree relaxing. Cheetahs can run up to 110 or 120k per hour. Then we went to see the tigers. I was the first to see two tiger on a wood plank. We saw the tiger that killed the lady at the zoo. The tiger's name that killed the lady was Oz. The staff at the zoo said they should put the tiger down that killed the lady. But so many people said no they don't want to put the tiger down, so they didn't kill Oz the tiger. I'm glad that they didn't kill Oz because if they did we would have not seen the tiger.  After we saw the tiger we went to the african hunting dogs. They looked super awesome with the brown, black and white spots on them. Then we went to see the NZ falcon. I read on a sign that said that the falcons are the fasted animals in NZ and they are endangered. Then we went to see some more  monkeys. The best animal I saw at the zoo was a little brown monkey because it gave us a hi five with his tiny hand on the glass. I had an awesome time with my family at the Hamilton zoo and I want to go again.   

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