Friday, 2 October 2015

Letters to Mrs and Mr Twit by George and Tanuki

Dear Mr and Mrs Twit

Mr and Mrs Twit stop being so mean to each other all it does is make a huge problem.  It will end up in a disaster. everyone has feelings it feels better if you help each other instead of making mean plans to prank EACH OTHER! if you help each other you can accomplish
lots of things.

From George

Dear George 

Mr Twit always makes plans and does tricks all the time and that's why I do tricks on him. I have always wondered why he is so horrible. He always does tricks on me and its very annoying. I wish that he didn't live here. I wish he lives in Antarctica so that I live alone and don't get annoyed. I have always wished that he didn't cause a big problem. I will only feel better if Mr Twit goes away. I play tricks on Mr Twit to tell him to stop playing tricks on me and so he stops being horrible.

From Mrs Twit 

By Tanuki 

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