Friday, 9 October 2015

Luana saves the day By Zahra

Luana saves the day
Once there lived a little girl called Zahra, she was 9 years old and she was going to Universal Studios.  She was going for a holiday with her Mum and Dad.  Right now they are in Paris but they are going to go onto a cruise ship to go to Universal Studios in America.  A few hours later after Zahra and her parents boarded the cruise ship a big storm came, heavy rain came falling down from the sky, huge waves came in the water and thunder and lightning came in the sky.  The cruise ship started tilting in the water, side to side and back to forth.  Zahra and her parents were about to fall into the sea when suddenly this girl appeared in the air and she made the storm go away!  Then she flyed back down onto the cruise ship and went to zahra and her parents.  Zahra was so excited to see her that as soon as she came to them Zahra started asking questions at once. "Calm down" said Zahra's mother.  Then the girl said hello to them, then they started chatting and she told them that her name was Luana.  After a while of chatting Zahra asked Luana if she wanted to come on the trip with them and Luana said yes!  Finally after another 20 hours they reached America they were all fast asleep, especially Luana!  Once they woke up they went to the airport and went in a van to get to their hotel.  Once they reached their hotel they had a rest and the next day they went to Universal Studios.  Zahra, her parents and Luana sure did have quite a fun day!  When they went home Zahra said farewell to Luana and hoped to see her again soon!!! 

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