Friday, 30 October 2015


On Tuesday the 27 of October we went to M O V I E  WORLD.When we  were in  there we  watched Hollywood stunt driver show I was amazed.Then  we went  to the Kids WB Fun Zone and went on the road ruuner roller coaster. We went backward, down, around and twists . Next we did Junior Driving School , Darryl and Chace lost me  because I did so many twists and turns. That was fun, but next we did  the Tweety Bird Cages .After,  we  went to  Wild West Adventure  Falls, I was terrified. Then we went on the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster it was so fun, I did it 2 times, it was the best one. Finally, we watched a 4D movie, it was called Road Runner.   I  liked  movie world a lot. The end 


  1. Hallå Kyan,
    The Hollywood Cars show 2 was awesome because there are so much drifting. There was so many gunshots and fake car explosions, they were my favourite parts.

  2. Hi Kyan,
    I have been to movie world and I have watched the Hollywood cars 2. It was awesome because there was gunshots and fake smashes. The cars were super fast.

  3. Hey Thomas
    next time you should take a pitcher of your favorite piece of art

  4. Hi Kyan,
    I think I would like to go to movie world.
    I loved how you explained when you went on the runner roller coaster, you went backwards ,around and twist but maybe you could describe more about this ride, and if you want to push yourself further describe some of the other Rides you went on .
    What a great story Kyan!

  5. Hi Kyan Your description is really cool and awesome because I like movies. I wish I went to Movie World. What rides did you go on?

  6. Hi Kyan, your writing about movie world was cool. Did you like the 4D road runner movie and the Scooby Doo spoke coaster ride? Did you have fun at Movie World? It looked like you had fun!


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