Thursday, 8 October 2015

Mr Twit Prank by Henry

One day mrs twit was building a shed then she said "I'm tied" and she walked into the house and went to bed. At midnight mr twit snuck out of bed and bring a toy hammer then he put the toy hammer where the real hammer is and took the real hammer with him. The next morning mrs twit got up and went back to working on the shed but when she hit a nale with the hammer the hammer split in half. The mrs twit said" I WILL GET YOU MR TWIT". that evening mrs twit opened her secret note pad and wrote a new plan for REVENGE!!!

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  1. Hi Henry

    I like how you wrote sneaky stuff to make it funny and how they kept doing pranks on each other like in the story I like how you made connections with the book and you story

    good job (:


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