Thursday, 30 April 2015

My play date with Zoe By Kyan

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On Friday Zoe came to my house. First we went to Charlie and George and I found a yellow crayon and Zoe found a blue chalk. Then we mixed them together and made a forever green bowl person. Then we had really really good pancakes.
Next we went to the school playground. After we collected potion ingredients. When we got home we made potions. Finally we made a double hut and played pet zoometery in the hut.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Frog

A frog was sitting on a motorbike, not on a log. The motorbike was green with fancy lettering and red fire balls. It had shiny skinny handlebars and black wheels. The frog has a big fat belly with black spots.

By Kyan

Monday, 20 April 2015

Building up our reading stamina

We have been practising building up our reading stamina so we can read to self.

We read for 3 minutes and 6 seconds.

Our goal is to be able to read for 25 minutes by the end of term.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

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Going to the beach

Last year I went with  my family too the beach! When were ready to go we got in the car. In my suit case was one soft toy,one pair of sunglasses & sun block. Then we stopped then got out of the car. We were not at the beach we were at the supermarket!! I asked my mum why are we at the supermarket? my mum said that we needed to get some food and water.

We need water because  we can't drink from the tap because the water is seawater. At the supermarket we bought 1 litre of water and some food. My dad got some cordial as well. Then we got back in the car and started to drive it took about 8 min to get to the beach house. After we left the supermarket.The first thing I wanted to do was go boggey bording but my mum and dad said that we had to unpack and strat away I knew how long that would take and I was right it took the whole evening! The next day my nan and pop came to the beach. After they unpacked we all went down to the beach.

Then I went in to the water and made two new friends one called Eve and the other called Bella. Eve is six and Bella ten. After a long day at the beach we all went to bed. On the last day of the week we were staying at the beach we were invited to have dinner but before dinner me and Bella went to the beach for about 20 minutes. Finally it was time for dinner for dinner was pizza. After pizza we had ice cream. Then I went back to my beach house and went to sleep. The next morning I packed up and went.                                        

by Charlie H


On my birthday I went to jump.I went with Kodi, Riley, Charlie, Bella and Lucas. (lucas came because my brother had nobody to play with)I went on the fifteenth of may  that was my birthday of course.I chose to go too jump because I have never been to jump. we went in the car but the others did not come in my car because there wasn't enough space. When we got there everyone was waiting for us. We told the lady who we are and what we are doing and all that information. Then we finally got to see the place. There was a foam pit and a basket ball thing and there was trampolines.The walls were trampolines. Then we played and it was so fun I almost did a flip into the foam pit but it was sorta a spin but my brother did a flip. Finally we got to go and have some food. The food was yum, there was juice and sushi, lollipops and cake but the cake was a teddy bear with a guitar or ukulele I can’t really remember. Anyway I really didn't want that but still it was yummy!!!!!! Next we opened the presents. I got a panda that you had to sew together I also got a white board and white board pen, nerf bow and nerf bullets. I can’t remember the rest of the presents. Then we all went back to the fun!!!!


by Isabelle

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Rainbow's End

Fiji Trip

In september 2014 I went on a plane to fiji we went there for a wedding. First I went to the hotel I put my suitcase in my room after that I had a bit of food. I got in my swimming togs and waited for mum and dad when they got their togs on we went swimming in the night, the lights went on in the pool. We got out of the pool and went frog finding I found the first one dad said thats not real he touched its back it moved dad got scared!!!!! So it was real and we found 10 more. We stayed for 2 weeks we had a lot of fun.                                        

  Screenshot 2015-04-01 at 9.55.14 AM.pngScreenshot 2015-04-01 at 9.55.38 AM.png
Screenshot 2015-04-01 at 10.31.53 AM.pngScreenshot 2015-04-01 at 10.32.12 AM.png

                                                                                                  Screenshot 2015-04-01 at 10.12.56 AM.png

Going to Romania

My trip to the spa

One day on friday I went to the Spa with my dad at 7:00pm. We got there by walking across the road. We had to go in the shower before we went in the pool because a sign said Please take a shower before going into the pool!Thanks!me and my dad  were having a great time playing with each other in the pool. The thing I liked the most was doing back flips in the water with him and going underwater and we even saw each other under water. Then it was time to go home because it was 8 :00pm.So we walked across the road to get home.After we have finished,my little sister Skye went with dad but when they finished my little brother Keanu wasn't allowed to come .I wanted Keanu to come because it wasn’t fair.
I talked to my dad and he said we could  bring Keanu next time, then everyone went, and everyone was happy.

Screenshot 2015-04-01 at 10.29.03 AM.png

Going to Australia

In the holidays I went to Australia with my family. We went for my nonnas birthday. On the first day I went to the zoo we saw the pandas, otters and flamingos the next day I went to the shops and bought 2 pairs of shoes and a ipod cover. On the third day I went to her party. she had a cake with blue roses and it was delicious. The pools and I went down the new waterslide lots of times. On the last day before we left we went to a theme park my favorite rides were the moon bikes and the quad bikes. we went there and back by plane. I was excited to go and happy there but I missed home and my cats.


Me and my dad and my brother we like going to the park. We play with the rugby ball. It is always fun to play with my dad and my brother and the park. It is the opposite of my house. We play because there is nothing to do in the house. That is why we play in the park.

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

On monday afternoon at lunch time, we played hot wheels battle force 5, the game. I was
a batmobile that can turn into a dragon and I played with Thomas, Dan, Charlie, Joe and Henry and they got captured. It was crazy because they were the best! people in the team. But I saved them with my batmobile from the evil base. I felt heroic… to be continued.

Running Away

when I was 4. I ran away from playcenter. me and my friend Jack did this because we hated it.
First we climbed over the fense this was because we were very very good climber’s. Then we
then we went to the beach. At the beach we played tag I won. at the end of the day I felt exhausted.

Screenshot 2015-04-01 at 10.09.07 AM.png

The day I had dinner at a japanese shop

On Friday 20th of march I went to a japanese shop and I had dinner. I went with
Alex and my mum too and we had cheese balls for dinner. After that we went to the park. We picked up Alex’s dog and after that me and my mum went home.

Going to a party

On Sunday morning at 10:30am I went to my friend Jessica’s party so I’m going to tell you all about it. First me and my Mum went in the car to get to Jessica’s house for her party because we had to go to a different place for the party. Then Jessica’s Mum got 4 kids from the group of girls (one of them was me) to get in the big white car and 3 other kids (one was Jessica) to get in Louisa’s car that was silver.

Then we headed off to Mission Bay movie theaters. It was a 15 minute drive to get there. Finally we arrived at the movie theaters and so we had to wait outside for a bit so Jessica’s Mum could get our tickets to the movie. Soon enough we were walking to the stairs to the movie theaters because they were on the top. Next we walked down the corridor to our movie theater. It was theater number 2. Next we went into our movie theater.

Finally we sat down in our seats and Jessica’s Mum gave us goody bags with rice wheels, Apple juice, popcorn, and sweets in a bag. Finally the movie started and lots of trailers came up because the movies were coming out soon. Finally the real movie started it was Cinderella.

It was about a girl named Ella and her parents died so her stepmother and step sisters were being evil to her. So Ella got a new name and it was Cinderella. In the end Cinderella and the Prince got married and they lived happily ever after and Cinderella's stepsisters and stepmother were never seen again.

Finally the movie was finished and we had to wait for everyone else that was in the movie theater because it would be more polite.Then we could get out of the cinema. Soon enough we were back in the main area where the tickets were handled. Some of us had to go toilet but some of us didn’t so they waited outside. 5 kids had to go and 2 kids didn’t.

When everyone was finished we were all ready to go back home but this time 5 kids went with Jessica’s Mum and then 2 kids went with Louisa because Louisa had to pick up somebody called Elliot for Jessica’s party. So then we headed back home. Jessica’s Dad was home and he bought the pizza for lunch. I had a little bounce on their trampoline to warm my legs up from sitting for such a long time. Soon enough it was lunch time so I had a piece of ham and cheese pizza and a piece of cheese pizza. After that I played with Jessica for a long time. One thing that we did was Jessica got to open her presents. My present was a jewellery set and you could make different types of jewellery e.g bead ones.
Then it was cake time we sang happy birthday to Jessica. The cake was a chocolate cake with caramel icing. It was soooooooooo delicious.The party was finally finished.That was the best party ever.That will always be my best party ever with my BFF!          

The end


The Beach

The first thing I did was swim in the sea with my boogie board. My mum and my grandad and my dad and my sis and me ate burgers and salads for lunch. It was a thirty minute drive  to get there. I felt excited and happy. It was fun at Long Bay beach. I caught a wave. It was fun and at the end of the day I went home. It was cool. The time that I went home I didn’t go home straight away and I went to the cafe to get something to eat and drink. The end

nature stairway

In the nature steer way theres lots of leaves and they're all green and wet also crinkly . The stairs are as dry as a desert and the trees are as bumpy and crinkly as ever. 

They also look very old and they have been there for a long time. It also looks like you can get easily tired from walking up all of those stairs. It also looks like you could put some garden features in there. I think i would hear squirrels braking nuts and caterpillars crunching on the leaves. Also the ladybugs fluttering wherever they feel like. 

The birds will probably be tweeting and whistling also flying about in the leaves. And I would think a caterpillar farm could fit in there since there’s so much leaves and there’s lots of trees. Also theres lots of space for them to munch and wonder where ever they want and there's enough sunlight and shade for them. Lots of insects and little animals could live there but not much water is there so only the animals that don’t need much water and only need it once and awhile. It would be a good bush walk but instead of bushes there’s lots of leaves and stairs. I would love to go on a bush walk in that nature steer way. 

If I ever could go in it. I wonder if I could own the property and welcome people in the nature stairway also show them around  the place, also if they want to see all the caterpillars and birds also the squirrels breaking the nuts and climbing the trees. If i could I would take them on a bush walk in the nature steer way. 

Do you now what, that would make me happy to share these wonderful creatures and land. Do you know what I  could ask some builders to build a beautiful green house with a big house made of polished grey wood next to it because I could live there and get outdoors straight away. Wouldn't that be good and beautiful. That would make me happy  a lot as soon as I see it I  would cry with tears and I mean it that I wish it will come true.

Swimming After School

Yesterday after school I was excited because me and Mum and my sister was going to Glenn Innes swimming pool. There was a big pool, small pool and a medium pool. I went in the medium pool. It was nice and warm. I was happy to go in the swimming pool. I was glad to go to Glenn Innes swimming pool because I didn't go to the swimming pool that much.

The Video Game

On saturday my mum bought a video game.
it is so fun. It is called Minecraft pocket. I played the video game four a long time.  From saturday to the next week Monday
Sunday  Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday and Monday
I will tell you how to play Minecraft pocket.

Press A you can jump
Press B you can lose your blocks
Press X you can change your signs
Press LT you can hurt someone
Press RT you can Build

That is how you play Minecraft pocket.

By Carrey

Going on a plane!

When I was five me and my mum went on a plane to Palmerston north for my aunt and uncles wedding.
I was going to be the flower girl at the wedding!
The airline we took was Air New Zealand. My dad and brother drove me and my mum to the airport. Then we went to get our tickets! When we got on the plane I got very excited. It was a little plane so there was no T.V and we did not sleep on it. Also because it just took like an hour or more. There was food but I did not like the food they were serving so I did not eat anything. Then I heard the engines starting up and I got very excited. In fact, I got more excited than a pig about to have lunch!!! Soon I felt the plane moving faster, and faster and soon we were speeding up the runway! When the plane took off I felt very excited! Soon the rain came pouring down (I liked it!) but then we flew above the clouds and it was beautiful, like paradise! Then my ears got blocked and my mum showed me a way to unblock them but I ended up blowing a raspberry at her!

That was the time I went on a plane with my mum!I

…… By Isabella potter……..


On 23.3.15 a Sea EAGLE STOLE MY SANDWICH!!!! 


But others don’t care they take it as a joke while I care about it. That makes me a little bit more mad. 

But it’s kind of funny to, me and my friend Hunter went on a mission it was a bit weird because we started finding feathers then smelling them but then we found the right one it had my sandwich!!!!!! 

I said I found my sandwich!” It had it but then the bird let go of it then it fell, it fell somewhere on the road so I couldn’t find it. 

At least i’ll get another one tomorrow. 

The end

From: Jahvan