Wednesday, 1 April 2015

nature stairway

In the nature steer way theres lots of leaves and they're all green and wet also crinkly . The stairs are as dry as a desert and the trees are as bumpy and crinkly as ever. 

They also look very old and they have been there for a long time. It also looks like you can get easily tired from walking up all of those stairs. It also looks like you could put some garden features in there. I think i would hear squirrels braking nuts and caterpillars crunching on the leaves. Also the ladybugs fluttering wherever they feel like. 

The birds will probably be tweeting and whistling also flying about in the leaves. And I would think a caterpillar farm could fit in there since there’s so much leaves and there’s lots of trees. Also theres lots of space for them to munch and wonder where ever they want and there's enough sunlight and shade for them. Lots of insects and little animals could live there but not much water is there so only the animals that don’t need much water and only need it once and awhile. It would be a good bush walk but instead of bushes there’s lots of leaves and stairs. I would love to go on a bush walk in that nature steer way. 

If I ever could go in it. I wonder if I could own the property and welcome people in the nature stairway also show them around  the place, also if they want to see all the caterpillars and birds also the squirrels breaking the nuts and climbing the trees. If i could I would take them on a bush walk in the nature steer way. 

Do you now what, that would make me happy to share these wonderful creatures and land. Do you know what I  could ask some builders to build a beautiful green house with a big house made of polished grey wood next to it because I could live there and get outdoors straight away. Wouldn't that be good and beautiful. That would make me happy  a lot as soon as I see it I  would cry with tears and I mean it that I wish it will come true.

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