Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Going to a party

On Sunday morning at 10:30am I went to my friend Jessica’s party so I’m going to tell you all about it. First me and my Mum went in the car to get to Jessica’s house for her party because we had to go to a different place for the party. Then Jessica’s Mum got 4 kids from the group of girls (one of them was me) to get in the big white car and 3 other kids (one was Jessica) to get in Louisa’s car that was silver.

Then we headed off to Mission Bay movie theaters. It was a 15 minute drive to get there. Finally we arrived at the movie theaters and so we had to wait outside for a bit so Jessica’s Mum could get our tickets to the movie. Soon enough we were walking to the stairs to the movie theaters because they were on the top. Next we walked down the corridor to our movie theater. It was theater number 2. Next we went into our movie theater.

Finally we sat down in our seats and Jessica’s Mum gave us goody bags with rice wheels, Apple juice, popcorn, and sweets in a bag. Finally the movie started and lots of trailers came up because the movies were coming out soon. Finally the real movie started it was Cinderella.

It was about a girl named Ella and her parents died so her stepmother and step sisters were being evil to her. So Ella got a new name and it was Cinderella. In the end Cinderella and the Prince got married and they lived happily ever after and Cinderella's stepsisters and stepmother were never seen again.

Finally the movie was finished and we had to wait for everyone else that was in the movie theater because it would be more polite.Then we could get out of the cinema. Soon enough we were back in the main area where the tickets were handled. Some of us had to go toilet but some of us didn’t so they waited outside. 5 kids had to go and 2 kids didn’t.

When everyone was finished we were all ready to go back home but this time 5 kids went with Jessica’s Mum and then 2 kids went with Louisa because Louisa had to pick up somebody called Elliot for Jessica’s party. So then we headed back home. Jessica’s Dad was home and he bought the pizza for lunch. I had a little bounce on their trampoline to warm my legs up from sitting for such a long time. Soon enough it was lunch time so I had a piece of ham and cheese pizza and a piece of cheese pizza. After that I played with Jessica for a long time. One thing that we did was Jessica got to open her presents. My present was a jewellery set and you could make different types of jewellery e.g bead ones.
Then it was cake time we sang happy birthday to Jessica. The cake was a chocolate cake with caramel icing. It was soooooooooo delicious.The party was finally finished.That was the best party ever.That will always be my best party ever with my BFF!          

The end


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