Thursday, 2 April 2015

Going to the beach

Last year I went with  my family too the beach! When were ready to go we got in the car. In my suit case was one soft toy,one pair of sunglasses & sun block. Then we stopped then got out of the car. We were not at the beach we were at the supermarket!! I asked my mum why are we at the supermarket? my mum said that we needed to get some food and water.

We need water because  we can't drink from the tap because the water is seawater. At the supermarket we bought 1 litre of water and some food. My dad got some cordial as well. Then we got back in the car and started to drive it took about 8 min to get to the beach house. After we left the supermarket.The first thing I wanted to do was go boggey bording but my mum and dad said that we had to unpack and strat away I knew how long that would take and I was right it took the whole evening! The next day my nan and pop came to the beach. After they unpacked we all went down to the beach.

Then I went in to the water and made two new friends one called Eve and the other called Bella. Eve is six and Bella ten. After a long day at the beach we all went to bed. On the last day of the week we were staying at the beach we were invited to have dinner but before dinner me and Bella went to the beach for about 20 minutes. Finally it was time for dinner for dinner was pizza. After pizza we had ice cream. Then I went back to my beach house and went to sleep. The next morning I packed up and went.                                        

by Charlie H

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