Thursday, 2 April 2015


On my birthday I went to jump.I went with Kodi, Riley, Charlie, Bella and Lucas. (lucas came because my brother had nobody to play with)I went on the fifteenth of may  that was my birthday of course.I chose to go too jump because I have never been to jump. we went in the car but the others did not come in my car because there wasn't enough space. When we got there everyone was waiting for us. We told the lady who we are and what we are doing and all that information. Then we finally got to see the place. There was a foam pit and a basket ball thing and there was trampolines.The walls were trampolines. Then we played and it was so fun I almost did a flip into the foam pit but it was sorta a spin but my brother did a flip. Finally we got to go and have some food. The food was yum, there was juice and sushi, lollipops and cake but the cake was a teddy bear with a guitar or ukulele I can’t really remember. Anyway I really didn't want that but still it was yummy!!!!!! Next we opened the presents. I got a panda that you had to sew together I also got a white board and white board pen, nerf bow and nerf bullets. I can’t remember the rest of the presents. Then we all went back to the fun!!!!


by Isabelle

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