Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My trip to the spa

One day on friday I went to the Spa with my dad at 7:00pm. We got there by walking across the road. We had to go in the shower before we went in the pool because a sign said Please take a shower before going into the pool!Thanks!me and my dad  were having a great time playing with each other in the pool. The thing I liked the most was doing back flips in the water with him and going underwater and we even saw each other under water. Then it was time to go home because it was 8 :00pm.So we walked across the road to get home.After we have finished,my little sister Skye went with dad but when they finished my little brother Keanu wasn't allowed to come .I wanted Keanu to come because it wasn’t fair.
I talked to my dad and he said we could  bring Keanu next time, then everyone went, and everyone was happy.

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  1. Hi jade,jade i really licked the owl story i like owls lick you do.
    When i see an owl it is so cute i would think you would be the same. Maybe next time you can ade more excretion to it. I would like to see what you have added to it.


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