Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Going to Australia

In the holidays I went to Australia with my family. We went for my nonnas birthday. On the first day I went to the zoo we saw the pandas, otters and flamingos the next day I went to the shops and bought 2 pairs of shoes and a ipod cover. On the third day I went to her party. she had a cake with blue roses and it was delicious. The pools and I went down the new waterslide lots of times. On the last day before we left we went to a theme park my favorite rides were the moon bikes and the quad bikes. we went there and back by plane. I was excited to go and happy there but I missed home and my cats.

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  1. Hi Ava M
    I like the zoo, especially flamingos. The zoo is so cool and fun , I like going with my nana.


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