Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Going on a plane!

When I was five me and my mum went on a plane to Palmerston north for my aunt and uncles wedding.
I was going to be the flower girl at the wedding!
The airline we took was Air New Zealand. My dad and brother drove me and my mum to the airport. Then we went to get our tickets! When we got on the plane I got very excited. It was a little plane so there was no T.V and we did not sleep on it. Also because it just took like an hour or more. There was food but I did not like the food they were serving so I did not eat anything. Then I heard the engines starting up and I got very excited. In fact, I got more excited than a pig about to have lunch!!! Soon I felt the plane moving faster, and faster and soon we were speeding up the runway! When the plane took off I felt very excited! Soon the rain came pouring down (I liked it!) but then we flew above the clouds and it was beautiful, like paradise! Then my ears got blocked and my mum showed me a way to unblock them but I ended up blowing a raspberry at her!

That was the time I went on a plane with my mum!I

…… By Isabella potter……..

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  1. Caron (Bella's Mum)1 April 2015 at 16:58

    Brilliant account of our flight! It was so great to share this experience with you, even the raspberry, ha ha ha :o)
    Fantastic imagery in this story, made me feel like we were back on that journey together.


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