Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Winter Simile Poetry

Mount Ruapehu

White Snow Like A Clean White Sheet.
                                               Cold As A Cold,Cold,Winters Morning.
Skiing So Fast Like A Cheater In A Running Race.
Snowboarding So Fast Like A Penguin Sliding Down A Mountain On Its Belly.
Sometimes There Is A Flood Like A Quiet Light Water Fall.
Chair Lifts So High Like A Bird Flying In The Soft Winter Breeze.
A Warm Cafe Like A Lit Fire.
Sledding With Lots Of Bumps Like Rocks On The Road When You Go Biking.
So Loud Like Someone Singing In A Microphone.
Snowstorms Howling Like A Wolf.
Icicles As Sharp As A Sharks Teeth.
Ice So Slippery Like Water Spilt on a Wooden Floor.
Snowflakes So Delicate Like A Vase With Flowers In It.
Clouds As Fluffy As Candy Floss.
Laughter So Loud Like A Tiger Roaring.
Sunrise So Pretty Like A Tiara.

By Emily

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  1. Hi Emily, I really enjoyed reading your Mt Ruapehu poem. You are a very talented writer and its great to see you using your imagination to come up with similes. They all reminded me of Mt Ruapehu too. My favourite one though is "Snowboarding So Fast Like A Penguin Sliding Down A Mountain On Its Belly." That made me smile alot.
    Look forward to reading more of your writings.
    Cindy, from Telecom


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